March 21, 2023


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Supermarket restrictions, to avoid unfair competition – The Yucatan Times

Supermarket restrictions, to avoid unfair competition – The Yucatan Times

MÉRIDA.- In consideration of local businesses and to avoid unfair competition, it was established that supermarkets in Yucatan can only sell essential products after 6 in the afternoon, Monday through Friday, and on weekends, reported the State Government.

At the request of the Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco-Servytur) of Mérida and the Transformation Industry (Canacitra) Yucatan delegation, as well as by the Merida Business Center of the Employer Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), It was agreed to implement this measure so as not to affect local stores, which are closing at 6 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday and during the weekends, nor to put them at a disadvantage before the national supermarket chains.

However, the population is reminded that each business or supermarket that sells essential products has to close their establishment daily, guaranteeing that their workers or collaborators arrive at their homes before 10:30 at night.

Among the products that are considered essential are:

  • Foods
  • Medicines
  • Personal hygiene and cleaning items.
  • Pet food, cleaning products, and medications.

Non-essential items:

  • Clothing, shoes, perfumes, accessories, and beauty articles for both men and women.
  • Electronics, and telephone accessories.
  • Home appliances, appliances, furniture, toys, beds, and mattresses.
  • Stationery, gardening, household items, kitchen, and tableware.
  • Fabrics, decoration, and technology items, including computers, video games, headphones, consoles, computers.

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