Kristin Spitale, a wife and mom with two young kids, found herself feeling the monotony when the coronavirus lockdown smacked New Jersey in mid-March.

Wake up. Home-school. Make dinner. It was a far cry from her normal life which had included activities out with the kids, restaurant dinners and social gatherings. 

“We were sick of being in the house and doing the same thing every single day, so we decided to get constructive,” said Spitale, who lives in Shewsbury. “I was so bored that I just thought, ‘There are a lot of projects I always wanted to do — so why not do it now?”

She certainly did. Within a few weeks, Spitale and her husband, Joe, built a jungle gym for their kids and a fire pit, refinished a dresser, installed permanent umbrellas around their pool, rebuilt a bicycle, created a custom hat rack out of a mirror and planted a vegetable garden. 

Chatting with friends, Spitale realized she wasn’t the only one using this time to complete long-awaited home improvement projects. So, in mid-May, she created a Facebook group — Corona Creations — where people could share their projects and results. Already, it has nearly 500 members.