June 26, 2022


Delighting home maniacs

Self-care tips for the professional hustler in you!

When we think of the word self-care, we imagine sitting in a beautiful spa and getting the yummiest drinks while the masseuse gently massages shoulders. It feels splendid to envision it, but self-care always doesn’t mean the same.

As a hustler, you seldom have time to take a luxurious vacation. Every simple ritual you follow to relax your body and mind is self-care. From listening to your favorite artist while commuting to performing breathing exercises between your zoom calls, these steps are nothing but steps for taking care of yourself.

Here are some simple tips for you to remember and follow through,

The comfortable workspace

Thanks to COVID, we will still be working from home until an indefinite period. Adjusting on a table and bringing in an extra chair from your hall wouldn’t make it up to your health. These DIY projects are only good for a couple of days.

Invest in your workspace. It is okay to spend extra cash on that comfortable chair and table. Find the flexible chair that suits your body best. Apart from these, declutter your table and place your loved one’s picture. Add a succulent plant to please your eyes and a quote that will help you get through the day.

The applications

There is an application available online for every hindrance you face while working. Too distracted with social media? You can find a Chrome extension that doesn’t allow you to open these platforms no matter how hard you try! Do you need some noise around to help you focus? Boom! white noise apps are there in plenty.

Likewise, sales and marketing professionals can also find software that cuts down the redundant and time-consuming tasks. If you have trouble searching for professional email contacts then GetEmail.io is just the right solution! Its Chrome extension to Gmail accounts lets you refer to any professional’s email address along with their company’s hierarchy. With this tool, you will never ask the question “how to find someone’s email address“!

The leaves

Unfortunately, we live in a culture where sacrificing our personal time is appreciated. Success is measured by how long we work without taking any gap. Break this stereotype and give yourself some space and love. Take those time-offs and go for a vacation!

The whole point of earning so much is to live your dreams while spending time with your loved ones. You might get a better paying job after leaving the current one, but you won’t get the time you’ve lost from meeting your loved ones! Regardless of how hard you’ve worked, take those leaves because you deserve it!

Final thoughts

The above points are crucial to your self-care. Apart from these, you should also take care of your health by maintaining a healthy and steady diet. Work out or exercise regularly and drink adequate water.

Create your favorite playlist and follow your beauty regime every day. And most important of all, learn to say ‘no’. Setting boundaries is the first step to self-care – especially in the professional world!