We are back here in an absolute ruin that nothing will fix. There is a narcissistic overlord in charge who insists that the best look is all gilt furniture and gold toilets and won’t listen to anyone’s advice and instead goes with their gut. The nation remains bitterly divided over what should happen and how exactly to repair this shambles. No, I am not talking about the United States of America. I am talking about the townhouse of Sonja Tremont-Morgan of the Dr. Crapper’s Constantly Leaking Water Closet Morgans.

The episode starts, as it so frequently does, checking in on all the ladies around town, and we see Luann washing her dog wearing a Feelin’ Jovani tank top. Luann not only has a fake religious candle with her own face on it, but she also wears her own merch. At least someone finally reframed her at-home confessional so that the enormous glamour-shot photo of her has been moved slightly out of frame.