March 29, 2023


Delighting home maniacs

PODS® Wisconsin Makes DIY Home Improvement a Breeze

PODS® Wisconsin Makes DIY Home Improvement a Breeze

DIY home Improvements are on the uptick as many people are adapting to new normal with social distancing at home due to the Corona-virus. In 2018, the average DIY expenditure per homeowner totaled $7,560 compared to $6,650 in 2017 according to Home improvements are new, exciting, and a great way to add a fresh look to your home-sweet-home, PODS Wisconsin can ensure you are supported with a few tricks or “tips” of the trade.

1. Create a mood board – Create a mood board of your vision to help stay on track, giving you time to be creative before diving headfirst into your home improvement project.
2. Clear out and ship out – Declutter your workspace before beginning a DIY project. Have a PODS container placed in your driveway or at a secure storage facility for easier access to your belongings.
3. Make a check list – Don’t be caught off guard in the middle of your renovation. Create a check list of all the necessary equipment to complete each project to eliminate any hiccups during the process.
4. Take it slow – Start small and ease into your project slowly, completing one task at a time. This reduces your workload and takes the added stress out of your new renovation.

Why you can trust PODS to reduce unnecessary tension from any home improvement project:
 Accessibility – PODS eliminates trips to and from the storage facility, placing your container in your driveway and picking it up once it’s filled.
 Convenience- PODS does the driving to bring the storage to you, delivering a sturdy, weather-resistant PODS container to your home. When you’re ready, either keep it in your driveway or they pick it up and drive it to their local Storage Center after it’s loaded.
 Storage of Clutter – No time to donate unused items? Store them in a PODS container and move at your own pace.
 Flexible Solutions – Storing seasonal items in a PODS container throughout the year helps reduce unnecessary clutter in your home and allows you to swap items out at your convenience.
“Making improvements to your home doesn’t need to cause added stress,” said John Hudson, managing partner for PODS Wisconsin. “We can offer our customers support so that you can get the best results out of their DIY home improvements.”

About PODS Enterprises, LLC

PODS Wisconsin is a large independently-owned franchise of PODS Enterprises, LLC, and is the leading provider of moving and storage services to residents and businesses throughout the greater Wisconsin area.
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