Hmmm chicory … Key ingredient in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Tonight, to end the 100% Ch’ti meal on a high note, Cyril Lignac shares his chicory tiramisu recipe with us. Easy and quick to prepare, you will delight the whole family with this delicious dessert. It’s your turn !

Cyril Lignac’s chicory tiramisu recipe

The ingredients for 4 people :

7.5g of ground coffee + 20g of chicory powder in a coffee filter + 390g of boiling water in it over a cup 24 cookies with a spoon, cut in half crosswise 3 egg yolks105g of sugar150g of mascarpone375g of Whole liquid cream, very cold Homemade mix for the decoration made by you: 4g of cocoa powder + 6g of chicory powder + 12g of speculoos powder

Utensils :

To make Cyril Lignac’s chicory tiramisu recipe, you need:

1 mixer with the well cold bowl 1 deep plate + 4 glasses for the tiramisus 1 fine strainer

The preparation steps for the tiramisu with chicory recipe by Cyril Lignac:

Step 1 : dip the cookies with a spoon in the coffee / chicory prepared by you and place them in the bottom of the verrines. Keep the rest to supplement the verrines.

2nd step : mix with a hand mixer or a food processor, the egg yolks and sugar in a very cold bowl, add the mascarpone.

Step 3: continue to mix, then pour in the very cold cream, until you obtain a whipped cream.

Step 4: pour the mixture over the spoon cookies, add the well-soaked spoon cookies again, pour the mascarpone mixture again, add the cookies again, pour the rest of the cream and set aside in the fridge.

Step 5: just before serving, sprinkle the house cocoa / chicory / speculoos powder with a strainer.

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