December 4, 2022


Delighting home maniacs

Nailed It’s Nicole Byer reveals the unusual place she’d display her Emmy

Nailed It’s Nicole Byer reveals the unusual place she’d display her Emmy

Nicole Byer reveals where she would display an Emmy if she won

If you are a fan of cooking competitions, then you may already be familiar with the Netflix series, Nailed It! hosted by Nicole Byer. The series, which was recently nominated for both outstanding reality series and best host, is all about home bakers competing against each other to bake works of art. The twist is that these home bakers are actually not that great in the kitchen.

And recently, Byer opened up about the nomination for her series and herself as host. It turns out that the host and actress didn’t even realize that she was nominated right away. Not only that, but it apparently took her heading to Wikipedia before she found out that her nomination made history (she is the first Black woman to be nominated in this particular category), according to Delish.

Nicole Byer talks about her Nailed It! Emmy nomination

Perhaps the most interesting part of her discussion about the Emmy nomination might just be where she plans to display the award if she wins it. So where is Byer planning to put her Emmy? Well it turns out that she wants it in the one room in her house that everyone visits eventually.

According to Nicole Byer, her plan for the Emmy if she wins it, is to use it as decoration in her bathroom! And not going to lie, that might just be the best place in the house for the award to go, after all it is a place we often visit multiple times a day.

Whether or not she really does put it in her bathroom, we really hope that she wins best host and of course we are totally rooting for Nailed It to bring the win for Netflix as outstanding reality series.

Are you excited to see Nicole Byer being nominated for best host for a reality series? Do you think she will win the Emmy? What do you think of where she wants to display her Emmy if she wins? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.