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Meet ServiceMVP, the Business That’s Helping Home Service Businesses Win With Transformed Communication Skills

Meet ServiceMVP, the Business That’s Helping Home Service Businesses Win With Transformed Communication Skills

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2021 / Imagine you urgently need a dentist. An online search quickly finds one – which is missing a phone number. The chatbot keeps regurgitating the same automated responses, so naturally, relief soon turns to frustration. You request a callback and 2 hours later, it’s obvious that the customer service agent cannot understand your pain, physically or emotionally – and you’re back to square one.

The unfortunate thing about this scenario is that nobody wins. It’s a lose-lose scenario to not just the customer, but also to the business involved. Countless businesses have lost customers to poorly designed and poorly executed customer service processes – but this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, this presents an opportunity for businesses to compete through better customer service that comes from a streamlined value communication process. But how can businesses achieve “better value communication” (whatever that is)?

Enter ServiceMVP. ServiceMVP trains home service professionals – electricians, plumbers, roofing specialists, pest control specialists, etc. – to communicate better with their clients. By creating high-level customer connections, ServiceMVP helps service businesses build motivated, synergized teams that deliver “WOW” experiences to every client. This in turn results in satisfied customers, repeat customers, referrals and business growth – possibly in that order.

Joe Crisara, CEO of ServiceMVP says “We’re helping service businesses build scalable value. When businesses invest in client relationships by learning intimately about them, they can create better choices and value packages for them. This means that customers are clear about the value provided, and can choose what suits them best.”

Service over sales

ServiceMVP’s recent rebranding from only reinforces this value system. After noticing that service businesses didn’t necessarily want to be associated with “sales,” the team identified 3 core principles on which these businesses learned to sell themselves – competence, character and communication skills. The brand then positioned itself to teach service businesses how to have better competence, better character and improved communication to create higher value for clients.

With this repositioning, the company felt that the word “selling” no longer accurately reflected what the brand stood for – at least, not as well as the word “service”.

“Service is the knife that cuts through the fog of uncertainty for customers. When you provide excellent service, you emerge as somebody people want to purchase from, not somebody who needs to be sold to,” Joe says.

ServiceMVP believes that creating higher value for customers means providing the service to help them find exactly what they need. For businesses in the home service industry, this includes offering premium, economy and mid-range options to empower clients with choice over exactly what they want.

Optimizing high-value human contact

And there’s never been a better time for this approach, considering the current trending popularity of self-service. However, not all customers are appropriately served by a DIY mentality, as do-it-yourself home maintenance is only as good as the skill of the DIYer. Some customers prefer to hire contractors to handle their projects. Of these customers, research shows that the single biggest factor that disqualifies a contractor from being hired is bad communication, followed closely by unclear pricing.

This shows that service businesses that neglect their communication skills and pricing structure risk losing customers to better-presented competitors.

Real service has turned into a high-level skill that can help businesses stand out in a world where human contact is rapidly being replaced by isolation and automation. If anything, ServiceMVP believes that well-trained human professionals offer more intelligent and emotional responses, and service businesses can make real, emotive human-led customer service a strong unique selling point.

By helping businesses create personal connections that cannot be replicated by a chatbot or a computer program, Service MVP wants to create a more open and transparent world where people remain connected to one another. The company bases its training on scientifically proven, universal principles that can unlock the untapped potential of human interactive abilities.

“There are just too many people performing below their potential because they have never been trained to communicate. Back in the old days, our grandparents would teach us to stand up straight, shake hands, say what we need to say, etc… Today, that just doesn’t exist anymore. That’s why our clients call me Uncle Joe – like I’m a member of their family” Joe says.

As an industry veteran, the idea for communication skills training for the home service industry came after spending 15 unsuccessful years in the service industry, in and out of employment. A client-turned-mentor noticed that Joe was struggling with his communication skills and reached out to him. After uncovering a world of research-backed resources and studies on the art of communicating value, Joe found his purpose.

He sold his business in 2001 after realizing that his superpower was in teaching others to reach their true potential by improving their communication process. In 20 years, the company has self-funded its growth from 1 client to 9500 active coaching clients and millions of free students on social media, through a performance-based pricing model. Joe takes pride in the fact that clients only need to pay after, not before making money like most traditional models.

In the future, Joe wants to drive ServiceMVP’s growth across the borders of the United States and onto the global stage. He believes that by empowering people to communicate their way through obstacles, the company will fulfil its commitment to creating a world where people feel more empowered and ultimately, more positive.

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