January 29, 2023


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Meet Memphis Interior Designer Carmeon Hamilton’s Modern-Meets-Bohemian Style

Meet Memphis Interior Designer Carmeon Hamilton’s Modern-Meets-Bohemian Style

Robbie Caponetto The designer painted the graphic pattern on the dining room wall herself.

One peek into Carmeon Hamilton’s Memphis home, and it’s clear that an interior designer lives here. From the sculptural lighting in the office to the hand-painted dining room wall, every immaculate detail has been thoughtfully chosen—and not just for appearances. “For me, it’s a matter of wellness,” says Carmeon. “I want my home to always be a place that feels and looks good because I feel better in spaces that look better.” Function also matters, she notes, especially as the novel coronavirus has required her family, like so many others, to spend more time at home than ever before. “Lately, it’s been even more important for every space to function the way it should,” says Carmeon. “Self-care and wellness are major buzzwords right now, but I’ve known for a really long time how my physical environments affect my mental state and well-being. I believe beauty has one of the biggest effects on a space when you’re trying to combat chaos.” Here, the blogger and designer behind Nubi Interiors (@carmeon.hamilton) talks decorating inspirations, her mom’s best advice, and how living in Memphis has influenced her style.

Decorating Muses

“I am totally inspired by nature. I love the effects that it has on our well-being. I make sure that those elements are repeated indoors through natural light, plants, and good air quality. But for me, true design inspiration comes from hospitality spaces—hotels, restaurants, and all those places that have to impress you from the moment you walk through the door so you come in and spend your money and time there. I love the lounge and lobby areas of hotels. They help people see how you can break up your own living spaces and create conversation zones.”

Classic Pieces Everybody Needs

“A white button-up shirt is a must, and a great-fitting pair of jeans. It doesn’t matter what style: They can be skinny jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight jeans—just a good pair. A unique blazer that fits perfectly and shoes that are comfortable and go with everything are key too. I really love wearing loafers and mules. You can dress them up or down no matter what the occasion.”

Robbie Caponetto Carmeon’s airy home office doubles as a place for easy entertaining.

Beauty Products I Swear By

“I use Bolden, a skin-care line created by women of color to help melanated skin with the issues that we have the most, which are usually discoloration and hyperpigmentation. I’ve had amazing results from this particular line and use their entire system. There’s also another product that I love called Cure Natural Aqua Gel. It’s an exfoliator in gel form without beads or abrasiveness, but that stuff is a miracle worker. I order it from Amazon. I don’t wear a ton of makeup, especially nowadays. My beauty routine is super simple anyway, just powder and concealer.”

Words To Remember

“My mom is no longer with us, as she passed away from breast cancer nine years ago, but the thing I remember her saying the most is, ‘No matter what you choose to be, go for it. And don’t just go for it; be the best at it. Do it wholeheartedly, and you will always know at the end if it was for you.’ That is how I treat everything that I do.”

Why I’m Proud To Call Memphis Home

“There are so many things I love about it—the soulfulness of this city, the culture, the food, the art scene. There’s so much pride in the people who live in Memphis, and you really get that sense in all the businesses you frequent, the parks you go to, and any public event that happens here. The community cares a lot about this place, and it shows.”

How the City Has Shaped Me

“Of course, I knew that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated here. But living in Memphis—being able to go to the National Civil Rights Museum and understand what he was doing here, what this place was like while he was alive—gave me a total awakening and appreciation for the Black experience. In a city where the population is more than 60{2bcf6c72702b5c79c6d60e2b201b92505312452d06f0e1ed088ab13b8bc14c0a} African American, I’ve been able for the first time to connect with my heritage as a Black woman and all of these elements of my culture that I knew nothing about before moving here… That has become priceless.”

Walking in Memphis

Carmeon’s favorite stops in the city

  1. 16 Berkshire

  2. Crosstown Concourse

  3. Saddle Creek

  4. Nail Bar & Company

  5. Overton Square

  6. Crazy Beautiful

  7. City & State

  8. Arrive Memphis

  9. Hu. Hotel

Personal Mantra

“Every day is an opportunity to love the way you live.”