March 21, 2023


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Maintain Durability of Walls and Overcome Seepage Problems as Early as Possible

Maintain Durability of Walls and Overcome Seepage Problems as Early as Possible

Living in an area that has four seasons, has the advantage and is prone to weather problems if you are not clever.
The solution can use the shape and design of buildings that respond to the climate. The right strategy will make a durable wall trouble-free, as Stucco Repair Columbus Ohio has done.
In the rainy season, the most popular problems are leaks and seepage.
The shape and design of the building can be used as a way to get around this problem.
Given the high rainfall accompanied by strong winds and a lot of water pouring the roof, ideally gutters should be given to the walls so that the house looks more durable.
It is not recommended to make a plain wall with a large area.
Due to the hot climate and high rainfall or in winter, the walls need special care.
Walls with large areas will easily crack and cause water to enter or leak. The walls got wet and the house felt damp.

Wall Plaster Repair Steps

Seepage on the walls of a house that has been built can Repair Columbus Oh by repairing the outer walls of the house.
There are four types of repairs depending on the stain or severity of the damage caused by the seepage.
• If the stain is thin, repair the outer wall by applying a coating type waterproofing.
• If the seepage is large and makes the inner walls of the house badly damaged, there are                          two repairs to the outside of the house and the inside of the house.
• For the outer walls of the house, re-plaster your walls or coat the old plaster on the outer walls with new plaster by adding additives.
• For the walls in the house, plaster the inner walls that are seeping, peeled off / punche                          until they meet the layers of bricks, then re-plaster by adding additives.
If the stain is not too bad, peel off the old paint until you find the wall plaster, clean it, and wait for it to dry.
Use additives to cover the walls and repaint with paints that contain waterproof additives as well.
Do this repair in the dry season (dry).