Who doesn’t love Scandinavian kitchens? Honestly, you should see our Pinterest boards, literally filled with Scandi-style spaces that we thought we could only dream of creating. But it turns out that adding some Scandi vibes to your kitchen needn’t mean ripping out your old one, as you can DIY the look or just switch up a few things to get a bit closer to the kitchen of your Pinterest dreams. 

We’ve put together some easy kitchen ideas to get you inspired. So get scrolling, and make sure you check out our Scandinavian design ideas feature too for more ways to decorate your whole home. 

1. Mix modern and traditional Scandi styles

kitchen in a scandi home

(Image credit: Anne Nyblaeus/A Design Features)

As you will see throughout the rest of this feature Scandi kitchen style has lots of different looks. There’s a very traditional, rustic almost farmhouse look and then there is the more recent popular Scandi style that’s veyr stripped back and simple. For us, a balance of the two creates the perfect look.