Kitchen Trends 2024: Revamp Your Kitchen In Style

2023 brought in a very distinct kitchen design style. Bright-colored furniture, like yellow kitchen cabinets, became increasingly popular, along with the all-white kitchens that made a noticeable comeback. Statement kitchen islands, streamlined storage, and open-plan kitchens ruled the trends overall.

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But as 2023 has ended, let’s look at what 2024 has in store for us. Bored Panda got in touch with an interior designer, Augustina Pošiūnaitė of BLOND interiors, and asked her to share insight on what kitchen trends we can expect in 2024. If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling or just like to stay on top of design trends, read on to discover the most significant kitchen trends of 2024!

Kitchen Design Trends 2024, in a Nutshell

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Bright colors and all-white kitchens are taking the backseat in 2024, with warm woods and natural colors coming to the forefront. In general, kitchen trends in 2024 are taking a more minimalist approach, favoring modern designs with classic elements. According to Augustina, Scandinavian, mid-century, and contemporary will be the most trending styles this year.

Functionality becomes the leading factor when designing a kitchen. Decluttering of the cooking space will continue with even more optimized storage, hidden appliances, and beverage stations. “Homeowners will be looking for flat-panel designs, stain-resistant materials, and countertops that seamlessly extend into the backsplash.”—adds Augustina.

Seating arrangements are becoming more like a family dinner setting rather than a bar style, which should encourage more conversation during the meal. Overall, kitchens will feel more like living spaces. Think more art on shelves and rich details, turning a kitchen into a place where people can really take their time.

Multifunctional Island Is Here to Stay

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Kitchen islands continue to be a prominent part of the cooking space, but now they take on more responsibilities. While they will continue having a lot of cabinet storage space, there will also be more legroom underneath for a comfortable eat-in.

Quartz Slab Backsplash Takes Over

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While tile backsplashes aren’t necessarily out of trend, slabs are beginning to grab the attention as one of the most popular kitchen backsplash trends in 2024. Not only do they give your kitchen a sense of effortless luxury, but they also require very little maintenance. Quartz is the most popular material for this. Match the backsplash with the countertop to create a seamless look.

“Subway tile was a popular backsplash choice for many years. Though it may not be the latest trend, it’s still a classic that looks tasteful today. It’s a budget-friendly option and can add a clean, modern look to your kitchen,” says Augustina.   

Glass mosaic tiles were another popular option for several years—not anymore. Save it for your pool, but keep it out of your kitchen.

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Fluted Cabinetry Makes a Comeback

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The fluted design is a great way of creating a focal point for a kitchen cabinet without being overly loud. Since it’s becoming even more popular in 2024, you can also use fluted design on other surfaces, such as kitchen islands or pantries. It makes an impact both on painted and natural wooden cabinets.

Efficient Storage Is the Focal Point

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In 2024, smart storage is in demand. While the tendency for decluttering and efficient organization started much earlier, this year it is going to progress. Priority is given to well-organized walk-in pantries and special cabinets to keep kitchen appliances off the counter—still accessible, though. 

Augustina told us that recently open shelving has fallen out of favor with interior designers and homeowners, as it proved to be a rather impractical solution. “However,” she added, “if you like the look of open shelving but want to avoid the practical problems, you can use it as an accent in your kitchen. For example, you could display cookbooks, decorative items, or plants.” 

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Use Herringbone Pattern for a Touch of Class

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The classic herringbone pattern is simple yet chic. It creates movement dynamics in the space and makes it more visually interesting. Kitchen trends in 2024 lean towards herringbone patterns on backsplash tiles and flooring.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with a Statement Hood

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Range hoods are often excluded from kitchen interior design. In 2024, however, they are set to make a statement. Size does not matter—a wooden or stainless steel hood will draw attention even in a smaller kitchen.

Create Atmosphere with Layered Lighting

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Striking pendant lights over the dining area are still very much in trend. However, in a 2024 kitchen, decorative and ambient lighting are also given a place to shine. This will include ceiling or under-cabinet lighting, sconces in the breakfast nook, and similar options to create a cozy atmosphere.

Gold Hardware Shines Through

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For a while, matte black fixtures were the number one choice in the modern kitchen. But it seems like kitchen hardware trends will take a different approach in 2024, opting for gold. Be it faucets, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and other metallic parts, gold hardware is becoming the top choice among homeowners, with matte finishes preferred over polish. 

Augustina explains this as the homeowners’ desire to move towards a more warm and inviting aesthetics. All-white kitchens with black fixtures create a stark contrast, but as warm beige, tan, brown, cream, and wood tones declare their reign in the kitchen, gold hardware and fixtures will complement them.

Go Green with Kitchen Cabinets

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While calm, earthy tones are highly preferred, green shades are also among the most popular kitchen cabinet color trends in 2024. The general incline towards sustainability and union with nature we have seen in recent years has a lot to do with this trend. If you want to become part of it, Augustina recommends layering warm whites, earthy greens, and wood tones throughout your kitchen to create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere. 

Other trendy colors include blue, creamy white, and natural wood. But if you want a true statement piece in your kitchen, go with something bolder, like navy blue or Behr Cracked Pepper from the Designer Collection.

Warm Natural Wood Takes You Closer to Nature

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According to Augustina, the shift in kitchen trends reflects a desire for more homelike and inviting spaces. Homeowners are choosing materials that feel warm and inviting rather than cold and industrial.

Along with the theme of becoming one with nature, wood cabinetry is taking the center stage in kitchen trends of the 2024, while warm wood tones are leading the parade.  

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Open Your Own Coffee Bar

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When asked about the most trending design feature in the 2024 kitchen, Augustina was positive that beverage stations will definitely lead the charts. “People will want a dedicated spot to pour wine, make coffee, or blend up smoothies. It’s even more popular than other layout features like enlarged pantries or eat-in kitchens,” she adds.

Incorporate a coffee station (or another beverage) into your kitchen layout. Having a special place that includes a coffee maker and all necessary supplies will give your kitchen its own personality. The best part: It doesn’t have to be big if the space doesn’t allow for it.  

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Quartz Countertops are Easy to Maintain

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Stylish and easy to maintain, quartz countertops hold a prominent place in kitchen design trends of 2024, with matte finish being the top choice. As for the color, the countertops will be lighter than the cabinets. Both traditional and waterfall-style edges will remain relevant. 

Augustina believes that people lean towards quartz because of its low maintenance requirements, durability, and ease of cleaning. She also mentioned quartzite as the second most popular option. On the other hand, granite, which gained popularity once, was pushed to the third position as the most demanded material for countertops.

Kitchen Trends to Leave Behind

The bold and bright Barbiecore color palettes that were popular in 2023 are taking a step back as we move towards 2024, and instead, there is a growing preference for a simple, minimalist look. While stark white kitchens will continue to be in style, creamy and off-white tones, combined with natural greens and blues, will also remain popular. 

Gray, which was another popular choice in the past years, has been replaced by its warmer hues or greige. Interior designers lean towards colors like Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Behr Perfect Taupe for a minimalist yet sophisticated look.

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Popular Questions About 2024 Kitchen Trends

Before you start remodeling, here are a couple more questions to consider if you want to create a beautiful and timeless look for your kitchen.

What Color Kitchen Never Goes Out of Style?

While some people may find it boring, white kitchens will always be around. One thing to keep in mind, however—just like any other color—white has more than one shade. Stark white may be leaving the limelight in 2024, but cream white and off-white will stay. Plus, it’s versatile, and you’re less likely to get tired of it soon.

If white isn’t your cup of tea, greige can be a great alternative. It provides a well-balanced solution between minimalism and making a statement while also pairing well with various other colors. However, if you prefer a classic modern look, you should go with the sage green and navy. 

What Kitchen Cabinets Are Outdated?

Ultra-modern cabinets that look like they belong on a spaceship have reached their potential. If anything, they will make your kitchen look outdated. Similarly, the buzz over excessive open shelving has come to an end as many realize it isn’t the most practical solution for your kitchen. 

If you enjoy having open shelves in your kitchen, Augustina suggests combining them with cabinets to enjoy the best of both worlds: plenty of storage and a place to display your personality. 

On the other hand, ceiling-height cabinets are definitely a good upgrade. If you’re considering new cabinetry, the investment is worthwhile. It will provide you with extra storage while also giving your kitchen a high-end look.

What Is a Timeless Look for a Kitchen?  

Augustina shares with us a foolproof way of selecting a timeless look for your kitchen. She suggests that before we commit to a style, we should look at things that have been top favorites for at least several decades. Since they have passed the test of time, they are more likely to remain a classic, giving your kitchen a timeless look that you can update every now and then.

Following the latest trends may be tempting, but unless you’re prepared to renovate your kitchen every season, opt for elements that make it look timeless instead. Traditional Shaker-style cabinets, neutral colors, natural wood, well-organized storage, and an efficient layout will help you achieve this.

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