March 29, 2023


Delighting home maniacs

Kaitlyn Dever goes outside comfort zone for ‘Coastal Elites’ | Television

Kaitlyn Dever goes outside comfort zone for ‘Coastal Elites’ | Television

Before it was shot, a crew came into her home, set up cameras and made sure everything was safe. “They were tested for COVID and I was tested for COVID. I stepped out, they came in, purified the air and set up the camera and lighting and everything and then they stepped out and I stepped in.”

Roach and writer Paul Rudnick watched at another site so they could offer direction.

“A couple of days before, they looked at my kitchen and said, ‘Can you move your microwave and maybe put a pen down and keys,’ so I was doing all of my own set decoration,” Dever says.

She did eight takes of the scene and fought back tears.

“Kaitlyn would have been sobbing,” Dever says. “But Sharynn, being as tough and as brave and as courageous as she was…I wanted to sort of push through that.”

Last Man

From left, Kaitlyn Dever, Nancy Travis and Tim Allen appear in the last season finale of “Last Man Standing.”

In the monologue, Sharynn talks about caring those with COVID-19. Easily, it’s the most moving of the five pieces and it comes at the end of the production.

“It’s so sad (you could) easily start bawling your eyes out,” Dever says. “It really took me out of my comfort zone.”

Because she hadn’t done a monologue to a camera, the 23-year-old Golden Globe nominee admits she was scared. “When you rehearse it to yourself, everything feels comfortable…and then when (the director) says, ‘All right, go do it,’ it got even scarier.”