January 29, 2023


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Interior Designer Jenny Tzakas Shares How To Decorate Your Home This Fall

Interior Designer Jenny Tzakas Shares How To Decorate Your Home This Fall

Jenny Tzakas

Interior designer Jenny Tzakas said there are a lot of different trends for the fall season, but there is one trend that sticks out above the rest.

“The most important trend for the fall is going to be designing your house to fit the new working from home lifestyle,” Tzakas said. “Home offices are the biggest thing because now people are working in their house. Their island is becoming their office. So adapting to the new working environment is definitely a trend that a lot of customers are asking for and also home gyms.”

According to Tzakas, earth tones are a trend that will be popping up this coming fall.

“Earth tones are browns, beiges and oranges,” she said. “If we are talking about colors, it transcends the entire house. I would say that wall color, flooring, really anywhere, but those would be the main areas—even cabinets.” 

Incorporating florals into your home design is going to be a big trend this fall as well.

“Botanicals is a big trend for the fall and it is used a lot in dining rooms and foyers,” she said. “It can be any kind of floral wallpaper, not a specific type of floral. I would also add natural textures like grass cloth, silk and suede. Natural textures are also very big now with wallpaper. Besides floral, I would say grass cloth is definitely a top contender. Wallpaper in general—not just floral— you can put anywhere. Powder rooms are another place that you’ll see floral wallpaper.”

Buying items that are the same style are things of the past since mixing and matching pieces is something that is encouraged nowadays.

“Sets are no longer the trend,” she said. “You want a collection of things that don’t match perfectly. In general, you don’t want to buy a set. You don’t want things to match together. I like my rooms to be a collection of things that I love. So they don’t have to be match-y. They just have to work together.”

Orange is a big color for this fall

A ’70s vibe trend, which can be described as retro and bohemian, is also making its way back into style.

“Things such as curved lines and camelback furniture [are in trend],” she said. “There is not a specific color that is used only in ’70s décor. It’s kind of just the style that is reminiscent of that time period. The colors tended to be golds, browns and earth tones, which were very popular in the ’70s, but it’s just a trend towards that kind of style. Psychedelic floral print, bohemian like macramé and the tulip chair was a very popular style chair in the ’70s. Macramé is a crocheted shag rug. Rattan furniture is very big right now. Rattan can be described as wicker furniture. It can be in living rooms, on sofas and on chairs. It can be anything, it can be light fixtures. You’re going to see a lot of geometric shapes with the furniture. Also orange color that is very ’70s.”

Another trend on the horizon is customers wanting to be environmentally-friendly, which is something Tzakas’ clients continue to express their concerns about.

“They are being more environmentally-conscious when it comes to design by using more green products and paints that have environmentally-safe ingredients,” she said.

“So, low VOS for paint, stains and even furniture. There are more products now that are more environmentally-friendly.”

For this upcoming fall, not everything in a person’s home has to be of the same material. Tzakas said bringing a sense of uniqueness to your home is what is desired.

“People used to be very, if we’re doing gold hardware in the kitchen, then everything has to be gold,” she said. “The light fixtures, the accessories all have to match. That’s not the case anymore. Mixing and making it kind of an eclectic look is very much the trend.”

Mixing and matching this fall is a new trend

And if you’re on the hunt for new fall items to bring into your home, there are a variety of stores to choose from.

“Anthropologie has a great home décor department and they’re very in touch with what’s on trend,” she said. “They have a very ’70s vibe and that’s kind of their style anyway. Anthropologie would be a place that I would recommend. Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel are others. They all kind of stay on trend and carry a little bit of everything. My kids probably know that HomeGoods is my favorite store. HomeGoods is definitely a shopper’s destination. You can get some really great accessories. I’ve gotten some great pieces. You can find some designer pieces occasionally. HomeGoods is definitely on the top of my list. I think Wayfair is a great online source, especially now with COVID-19 and a lot of the stores not being open. Wayfair is a great outlet to find things and they come to your house within a few days. IKEA is great for kid’s rooms, basements and home offices.”

Tzakas owns and operates her own interior design business, Jenny Tzakas Interiors. Her design firm is based in Garden City. She serves the surrounding areas of Long Island, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. To learn more about her business and what services she provides, visit www.jennytzakasinteriors.com.