March 31, 2023


Delighting home maniacs

Increase of Home Improvement Projects have been seen during Pandemic

Increase of Home Improvement Projects have been seen during Pandemic

COLLEGE STATION, TX — The global pandemic we are currently living through has placed many things on hold, but home improvements have been going through the roof.

Many people have been tackling home improvement projects while they’ve been isolating. Before conducting any construction at your home, it is encouraged to see if your updates require a permit from the city.

Local Ace Hardware Owner Randy Scott says he has seen an increase of homeowners looking to improve their home, that’s usually when Brian Binford with the City of College Station comes into the picture. Binford’s job includes performing building inspections and issuing different types of permits.

A few examples of home improvements that you will need a permit for are, water heater replacements, enclosing a garage, home additions and replacing windows.

Randy Scott says there are also other types of upgrades where permits are required, such as electrical and mechanical projects. Scott says he has also seen an increase in home plumbing.

“You can pull plumbing fixtures to redo tile and things like that, but if you are replacing plumbing fixtures, those are things that require a permit,” Brian Binford, a Building Official with the City of College Station said.

Interior and exterior painting, children’s swing-set and playground equipment are things you do not need a permit for.

Before starting any at-home construction, it’s advised to call the city to see if your work requires a permit. An application for a permit should be made, reviewed, and issued by the City’s Planning and Development Services Department before any permit-requiring construction begins.