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Picture frames are an ideal way to display your favorite photos or artwork. They come in various styles, from simple and classic to complex and extravagant – depending on what style you prefer.

Accurate measurement is key when creating a stunning picture frame. Without precise measurement, parts of your artwork may appear out-of-place or cover parts of it up completely.


Picture frames are an excellent way to display and protect your favorite photos, as well as add a unique touch to the decor of your home, making it feel more personal.

Frames can be constructed from a variety of materials, such as wood, metal and plastic; however, wood remains the most popular choice.

Making a picture frame out of wood doesn’t need to be an intricate process, and you don’t even need any special tools! In fact, you can use any type of wood that you may already have lying around.

To begin making a picture frame, measure your print or photo and determine how much moulding is necessary.

Once you have all of the measurements needed, it is time to cut your frame moulding. Use either a miter saw or miter box to slice corners off of the frame. Once all cuts have been made correctly, start assembling it together making sure all cuts are square and level.


Show off a favorite picture or piece of art by crafting your own picture frame. Utilizing basic tools from any local hardware store, you can make an eye-catching accent for any room in your house.

Wood remains the go-to material for frames, offering strength and various surface treatments. But other materials are also available.

If you’re crafting your own frame, investing in a quality power miter saw can make the cutting process faster and make the task of finishing your project much simpler.

You may also wish to invest in a point-setting tool, which makes inserting small metal points into the interior of your frame much simpler. This keeps all pieces secured and prevents photographs from shifting around inside the frame.


Before you can begin crafting your picture frame, take time to plan. After that, gather all necessary materials and guarantee that the outcome will be perfect for you.

Begin by selecting the type of wood you wish to use for your frame. Moulding can provide a more luxurious appearance, while plain lumber gives it an unfinished edge.

Once you’ve selected your wood, cut it to your desired size and shape. Be sure to cut corners at a 45 degree angle so they fit together securely.

After that, you’ll need to rabbet the edges of the frame so you can add glass later. To do this, drill a small hole in each corner.


Frames are an excellent way to display your favorite piece of art. Not only will they add a beautiful touch to any home, but they’re easy to craft yourself!

When creating a picture frame, the initial step is to measure the dimensions of your print. This will enable you to select an appropriate length of molding for your frame.

To determine the length of your frame, measure both the height and width of your print, then multiply them together. This number will give you the overall measurement for your frame.

For this step, you may need a ruler or T-square. Utilizing one of these will ensure all edges of your mat are exactly the same size.

Next, you must cut the picture frame moulding to size for your print. Be sure to cut it exactly to the dimensions of your image so that the frame can hold it securely without buckling.

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