How A Granny Annexe Can Improve Your Home

More and more homes are turning to building a granny annexe as a way of adding value to their property and improving their home. In this blog, we aim to explore how granny annexes can improve your home in their ever growing popularity. Whether it be for older relatives or grown children to live in, or simply to extend your property, it is no wonder that they have become a popular investment.

Granny annexes and garden annexes (these are usually living spaces added to the main home, for example, a games room, garden bar or study), have significantly grown in popularity since the Covid 19 pandemic – when more and more families were shifting their attention toward their own homes, where they were spending the most time. This, in fact, is the time that a large number of homeowners up and down the country looked at ways to improve their homes, after all, they were confined to their own four walls!

Not only does adding an annexe make for a larger living space, or even better, the ability to move your loved ones closer to you, but they can also tremendously benefit your home in terms of adding value.

Will A Granny Annexe Add Value To My Home?

When we explore home improvements, we don’t just look at what improving our homes means to us but also how it affects its position in the wider housing market. Having a granny annexe will no doubt add value to your home. This type of home improvement is brilliant for attracting buyers if you were ever in the position of wanting to sell.

Having a granny annexe could add a huge 20-30% value to your property.

In fact, some buyers are specifically looking for homes that feature an annexe. But why?

How Will A Granny Annexe Improve My Home

The UK has experienced an increase in the number of multigenerational homes – homes that inhabit elderly parents, grown children or even extended family. We are seeing an increase in granny annexes as opposed to the costs of private care and care homes, again, perhaps because of the pandemic. This is also relevant for those younger people who may be struggling to get on the property ladder.

Whichever the reason, annexes can improve your home by one huge factor – bringing the family closer together. For many people, the home revolves around the family within it and so being able to offer that extra space to your loved ones is an improvement to the home and family dynamic in itself.

A granny annexe improves the home by offering an extra, private space, which is close to loved ones but far enough away to maintain privacy and independence.


Whether it be to bring your family closer together and improve the home dynamics, or add value to your property in the event you may sell – a granny annexe or garden annexe can improve your home considerably.

Whether it be a modular build annexe designed for an elderly relative to live there, or a separate room in the garden, kitted out as a man cave – there are tons of options when it comes to building a granny annexe and in turn improving your home, all depending on your specific needs and tastes.

If you would like to add value to your property and improve the place you live – consider investing in a granny annexe!

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