March 29, 2023


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Flexstone vs Swanstone for Shower: Similarities & Differences

Flexstone vs Swanstone for Shower: Similarities & Differences

Flexstone vs Swanstone? which one is the best for the shower?

If you want to obtain impeccable and eye-catchy aesthetics for your bathroom, both these brands would be the right choice for this purpose.

There are many similarities both contain, but there are some differences as well that you must know if you are planning to buy them any time soon.

This guide will be all about the comparison of both brands so that you get a better idea of which one you should buy and which one is not the right choice for you.

What is Flexstone and Swanstone?

For those who are not familiar with these terms or who want to make their facts straight, both are the most popular brands of bath surround. It is a little place around your shower and tub that increases your bathroom’s value and makes it look captivating.

It is often difficult to choose one option among both the brands for your bathroom because both offer different features and both brands serve the same motive.

However, to choose 1, you must brace yourself with the similarities and dissimilarities so that the final decision is easy for you.

Comparison of FlexStone vs Swanstone

The main motive of both stones is the same i.e to increase the aesthetics and to give a wonderful look to the place. Both brands have been used for a long time by people across the globe.

However, many people don’t bother to know the differences that make them different from others. Let’s get to the point and discuss all the key differences in detail.

If you are planning to remodel the bathroom for your elders or even kids, seating is required in the shower area because elders can not stand in the shower for long.

Seating Area for Swanstone

Unfortunately, Flexstone doesn’t contain any seating, so if you are planning to purchase this brand; you won’t get this offer. On the other hand, Swanston does provide this feature, but you have to spend extra for this purpose.

If seating is a must, better choose Swanstone, but if you can go without the seating, you can choose the 1st option as well. It is the first major difference between both brands. It also depends on which bathroom, you are making the installation.

There is a difference in materials, as well as both, are made of different components. Flexstone contains plastic material, and all the products of this brand give a natural and unique touch that one gets convinced to buy them.

Materials used to make flexstone

In contrast, Swanstone uses acrylic and other materials. Due to the different materials used in this brand, it is highly durable. If aesthetics is all that you want, Flexstone is for you but if durability is the main motive, you can choose the second option as well.

People usually consider it the main factor before buying any new product. If the installation method is easy, you can do it as DIY work and can save on the plumber’s cost.

If you choose Flexstone, you do not need anyone’s assistance because flex stone installation is simple. You can easily get it done at home with little effort and proper knowledge. Swanstone’s installation is difficult because it comes with individual wall panels.

Installation Process for swanstone

You need a lot of materials and strong adhesive so that the installation is done successfully. It is important to surround yourself with an expert or a professional so that the work is done speedily.

If money is not the issue, you can choose anyone; otherwise, the first option will be feasible for you.

Flexstone is light in weight because it has 1 wall panel that is easy to lift, so you do not need anyone around you whenever you lift it or install it. On the other hand, Swwanstoen is heavy due to multiple wall panels, so you can not lift it all alone.

Better get someone’s help because it can also cause back pain issues if you put all your effort and energy into this work. The choice is clear.

Here comes the most important difference that will make a choice easy for you. the bath’s surround must be durable so that you do not need to repair it now and then, and it will last for many years.

Flexstone is made of plastic material, so it is relatively durable as compared to the other brand. Swanstone will become durable if you choose the right kind of sealant and adhesive that will be used in the installation method.

Regular cleaning is necessary if you want to clean and tidy your bath surround. As flex stone comes in a single wall panel, so you do not have to put extra effort and time into cleaning, but Swanstone contains individual panels, so of course, the cleaning will take time.

Cleaning of flexstone

Last but not least, Flexstone is a bit pocket-friendly compared to Swanstone. You might find Swanstoen brand price high, but the quality and services they provide you with make the price justified.

Similarities of FlexStone vs Swanstone

You have read all the differences; let’s have a look at these similarities as well.

If we make a comparison of installation. Flexstone is one step ahead, but it doesn’t mean that Swanstone is impossible to be installed at home.

Yes, it will be a bit complicated, yet if you get the right sealant and adhesive, you can DIY it as well. Hence, there is not a major difference in the installation method.

Whatever brand you will buy, fortunately, you will get detailed instructions on how to install them so that you won’t get inconvenienced during the process. Hence, you no longer need anyone’s help, whatever you plan to install because of the clear instructions.

As far as athletics and looks are concerned, both are up to the mark, and both boost the value of the place. The materials used in both brands give natural look, and even some people consider them natural stones mistakenly.

Aesthetics of swanstone

Hence, you will never have to compromise on this feature because you can easily find this quality in both.

Another great similarity is the simple customization. Whatever your requirements are how you want them to look, you can customize them according to your desire without any difficulty.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still doubtful regarding flex stone shower wall installation, or are you still trying to find out more flex stone shower base reviews? Here are some queries that will make your mind clear.

What is Flexstone Made Of?

Flexstone gives you a natural look of wood and is made of plastic. It contains numerous feature that makes this brand worth considering for bath surround.

What are Swanstone Shower Walls Composed of?

Numerous materials are used on Swanstone shower walls, including acyclic. For installation, you also need strong adhesive so that it is installed accurately and becomes more durable. It is a bit costly, but the features you get in return justify the price.

How Thick are Swanstone Shower Walls?

This durable shower ball is durable and last for a maximum of years. The thickness is 1/4 Inch because different materials were used during the installation.

Who Composes Swanstone?

It is an American family of bath groups that makes Swanston. They have committed to bringing natural and durable surfaces and with this mission, they have been providing valuable services for a long time.

It is one of the most popular brands when it comes to bath surround and people fr across the globe consider them for different types of surfaces.

Is Swanstone Like Corian?

Yes, both are almost similar because both use solid surface material.

Final Thoughts

When you have to choose 1 product among the 2 most popular and well-known brands flexstone vs swanstone, the decision becomes complicated. However, after knowing the differences and similarities of both brands, you might have made up your mind till now.

It is important to know for what purpose you are going to buy a specific product or what is the main priority. If the chosen products meet your requirement, go ahead with them.

As far as the ‘which one is better term is concerned, we can not name 1 because both are worth buying as both carried numerous features and attributes.

This guide is enriched with all the possible information that you need to know in making the final choice.