March 31, 2023


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Felton Leagons Is Pleased To Announce Felton Leagons Real Estate

Felton Leagons Is Pleased To Announce Felton Leagons Real Estate

Los Angeles, CA, July 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Felton R. Leagons is pleased to announce Felton Leagons Real Estate, focusing on home residential in Upland, CA. Felton Leagons wants to bridge a market gap in Upland, CA where buyers, sellers, and investors have to go through endless challenges before closing deals.

At Felton Leagons Real Estate, home sellers can expect a hassle-free process that includes fairly priced, all-cash offers. Such offers also cover distressed properties such as those facing foreclosure, are part of a divorce process, in need of renovation, among other issues.

Home buyers can also expect equally enticing deals. The company understands that sometimes first time home buyers go through challenges that include a lack of down payment, issues of bad credit due to previous foreclosures, and even bankruptcy. Home buyers receive education on how to repair their credit records, and get a down payment for a home.

Felton also understands the challenges that investors in real estate go through and aims to smoothen the ride by helping them get the right knowledge. Through Felton Leagons real estate services, an investor can be assured of knowledge on the right properties to invest in, and on how to access the right credit for safe, but profitable investing.

Felton Leagons Real Estate is the brainchild of Felton R. Leagons, a passionate and experienced real estate professional. Felton started his real estate career in 1997 working at the California Institute of Technology HVAC shop, where he gained significant experience in HVAC, plumbing & electrical work. Every year, his interest in the industry grew and he went on to obtain a real estate license, and took up various jobs buying, renovating and selling property. He later obtained a broker license and actualized his dream of forming a real estate company; Felton started LGI Real Estate, in 2010. He operated it as a Real Estate and Mortgage Company for a while. He then dissolved the mortgage business to focus on real estate and serve customers in the best way possible.

LGI Real Estate is a real estate company that offers a wide array of services to investors, sellers, and first time home buyers in San Bernardino county and Riverside County. For details, visit their website on, or call them on 909-296-5412.