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If you need a shower curtain that covers the full length of your bathroom, opt for an extra-long curtain. These typically 72-inch curtains extend over the edge of your tub and hang a few inches above the floor.

They’re also easy to maintain thanks to hookless designs with grommets that attach directly to the curtain rod and a snap-on fabric liner.


The color of your extra-long shower curtain can make a huge difference in the aesthetic and ambiance of your bathroom. White is always popular, but you don’t have to stick with just white – experiment with bolder hues for some added personality!

Selecting the ideal color for your shower curtain should coordinate with both your walls and other decor in the room. For instance, select a curtain that complements the hue of your tiles or wallpaper.

Transparent shower curtains can also be beneficial, allowing more natural light to filter in. However, be wary of choosing one that’s too translucent as this could prevent mold and mildew from growing properly.

Make the best decision by reading product reviews and following instructions for cleaning and care. Moreover, inspect the grommets and hook holes regularly to detect any rips or tears that could occur.


Extra-long shower curtains are an ideal choice for bathrooms with freestanding tubs or taller bathtubs. Not only do they create the illusion of a larger ceiling, but they also increase the height of your shower, elevating its decor.

Extra-long shower curtains typically measure 84 to 96 inches long and can be made of fabric materials like polyester and cotton or plastics like polyethylene and vinyl. You’ll find them in an array of colors, patterns, and prints to suit any taste or preference.

For a calming, natural vibe with your shower curtain, select fabric material. Try going with either cotton blends or textured designs for an inviting effect.

Fabric shower curtains are relatively straightforward to clean, but be mindful not to over-wash them as this may cause mildew. To prevent mold and soap scum accumulation, look for a liner that resists mildew growth.

Extra-long shower curtains typically feature a reinforced header to give them extra structure and prevent sagging when hung from hook holes or grommets. Furthermore, these curtains may be treated with water-resistant materials to prevent your shower and walls from staining over time.


If your shower or freestanding soaker tub is extra long, a floor-to-ceiling curtain can make the space appear larger. Just like curtains on windows, floor-to-ceiling coverage draws the eye upward and makes your shower seem more expansive.

Extra long shower curtains come in a range of lengths, materials, colors, and prints to suit any style. White is the most popular option as it brightens up the space and makes it appear larger; however other bolder hues may add character to your bathroom and work well with other elements in your decor.

For long-lasting shower curtains, opt for high-quality fabric. Nylon, polyester, and microfibers are all great choices as they are water repellant, breathable, and easy to clean. Mildew can accumulate on fabric so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions when maintaining your curtain.


Reinforced headers add structure to the top of your extra-long shower curtain, helping it hang more securely on hook rods and keeping it looking tidy at all times.

Ideally, the header of an extra-long shower curtain should be made from waterproof material to prevent staining over time. Furthermore, it should be treated with a protective coating to keep it looking new for longer.

When selecting an extra-long shower curtain, color is something to think about. White is often chosen since it brightens up a bathroom, but bolder hues can add an eye-catching and unique flair to any space.

The Eurcross extra-long shower curtain is ideal for moisture-prone bathrooms, as its polyester fabric not only repels water but dries quickly as well. This package comes complete with a heavyweight polyester liner and rustproof metal grommets to facilitate easy installation and long-term use.

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