March 29, 2023


Delighting home maniacs

Ellie Goulding Shows Off London Home in New Vogue Video

Ellie Goulding Shows Off London Home in New Vogue Video

Ellie Goulding’s down-to-earth personality is no better exemplified than in the breezy, light-filled aesthetic of her London home. The singer, who recently released her fifth studio album, “Brightest Blue,” opened up her mews house to Vogue recently in a video where she shares what life was like for her in quarantine, and by the looks of it, she took the time to really slow down and enjoy life out of the spotlight and off the road.

“I’m a bit funny when it comes to houses because I don’t like big, big houses,” the “Burn” singer says in the segment. “I like being enclosed.” Goulding purchased her three-bedroom home for just over $4 million in 2016, and currently lives there with her brother Alex, a chef. (Goulding is married to art dealer Caspar Jopling, though she doesn’t mention him in the video.) The house is fronted by a large deep-teal-colored wooden door that opens onto an open-concept living area with a large wood dining table and a spacious center island. Lofted ceilings and skylights provide natural light, which is especially good for the many plants and flowers that Goulding keeps in the home. An eye-catching black-and-white patterned backsplash gives the kitchen character (Goulding is a big fan of layering textures and materials).

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Another noteworthy feature of the common living space is the red keyboard that sits at one end of the kitchen island, which is where, Goulding says, she dreams of one day being able to play “just one Ludovico Einaudi song.” A nearby glass-fronted cabinet displays “an obscene amount” of plates, dishes, and glasses. A set of stairs leads down to a lower level, where Goulding keeps wall-to-wall shelves full of her extensive shoe collection. A dedicated workout space features a full wall of mirrors, and is where Goulding has her daily workout sessions with her trainer (via Zoom, of course). Exposed brick walls and intentionally worn wood beam accents are visible throughout. At another point in the video, the singer shows off her garden, which features a decorative bridge covered in plants and vines, where she likes to sit and strum on her guitar.

Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest