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STERLING, VIRGINIA, USA, July 28, 2020 / — Renowned remodeling company, EA Home Design, become one of the most followed remodeling companies on the popular social media platform, Instagram. Gaining a fast following, thanks to its mission to help you turn your house design dreams into a reality with its expertise in partisanship.

“Here at EA Home Design, we strive towards house modeling perfection. We make it a part of our practice here to listen to each client carefully and try to live up to, if not exceed their expectations. We try to make our home modeling process as thorough as possible, from start to finish. We are deeply passionate about putting innovation into our designs and provide our clients with an endless amount of inspiration. If our client wants a rustic kitchen, we make sure that the client actually feels like they have the most authentic and unique kitchen, constructed with the best material there is. If it’s a Scandinavian style living room, again, we will make sure our team delivers the most Scandinavian looking living room the client has ever seen, complete with Scandinavian furniture and décor. The only thing we need to get started is the client’s style preference and conditions, and after that, they can just kick back, relax, and watch our team of professionals work their magic.” Ali Meshksar, owner of EA Home Design.

If you head over to their Instagram page, you can expect to find a mass variety of home remodeling designs, from modern to rustic, minimalistic to Scandinavian. Their Instagram feed features some remodeling of their own, some remodeling ‘Inspo’ to get the clients really thinking about how they would like their home remodeling done. The ‘Inspo’ includes a plethora of house designs, such as unique house facades, remodeled kitchens, Grecian bedrooms, minimalistic living rooms, etc. That you can take inspiration from or simply admire.

How the remodeling company operates is that they start with an in-home consultation with the client, then they move on to the design process where they use their designing software to create virtual representations of the remodeling plan. They then move on to scheduling a design review so they can clarify that the client is on the same page as them, they work on estimations, and after the estimations, they meet at the client’s home, have them sign a contract, schedule the remodeling i.e. day and time, and lastly, they begin the remodeling where they follow the approved designs and recreate them, but in real life.

They also have a style quiz that is helpful in terms of choosing the desired style for the client’s home remodeling, and they offer a free consultation. They have dedicated teams that work consistently with professional project managers who ensure that deadlines are met. Their teams are also trained to tidy up after project completion. They provide services for all parts of the home i.e. the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, ultimately, every part of the home. They give each of their client’s individual attention so they can fully understand what design they want to go for.

EA Home Design is a house remodeling company that offers remodeling services. They offer services in house remodeling, interior decoration, carpeting, and flooring. One of their main specialties is that they use high-quality material manufactured by reputable companies that provide domestic and Canadian cabinetry that is proven to have warranties that last a lifetime. The company has 20 years of experience in house remodeling and have won several awards for their services – the most notable being “Best of Houzz” awards for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, and the best kitchen design award in a national Waypoint remodeling contest, in 2016 for their custom designs, they aspire to provide the best house remodeling solutions. Their website highlights all of the company’s remodeling projects.

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