Drain Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

Maintaining your house can be a challenging task. These include cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, repairing the house if necessary, and doing thousands of other things. But among all these, we usually ignore the maintenance of the drainage system of our house.

It often leads to draining blockages in the long run. Blocked drain is a common problem. So you should know the basic method of keeping your drainage system clean.

Therefore, first, let’s discuss the importance of maintaining a drain inspection.

Importance of drain maintenance and inspection

Here are some points which are essential to maintain a drainage system. These maintenance checklist will help from getting blocked drains in Kent. You must know these for the total convenience of your sweet home.

It helps to eliminate expensive repairs

Conducting drain maintenance helps you eliminate the costly expenses you might face. Without a regular inspection, your drainage system may damage owing to several blockages and other harmful reasons.

Therefore, you must go for regular drain maintenance to avoid unwanted expenses. Moreover, if you live in a new home, you must do it for total convenience from the beginning so that the upcoming days can be pleasant without any hazards.

Prevent slow water drainage

When you conduct regular maintenance of your drainage system, it allows you to have regular water flow through the pipelines. Having any blockage in the pipeline may hamper the water flow. After all, you never want to wait with the soaped body during shower owing to an inconvenient water supply in your bathroom.

Therefore, maintaining a drainage system in your home can prevent a slow water supply. Additionally, it can enhance the longevity of your pipe system. When you clean the pipes for drainage maintenance, you improve the lifetime of the lines too.

Increase and promote environmental safety

When you conduct regular drainage maintenance, you help to increase environmental safety. A perfect drainage system can prevent accumulation which can cause flooding. With the daily use of bath wares, the drains can be clogged with hair, scum, grease, and other components that need cleaning regularly.

The cleaning drainage system, therefore, increases the safety of the environment. On the other hand, a drainage system helps to prevent soil erosion. You must maintain a perfect drainage system for the environment’s safety. You can take any method for the purpose.

Help to reduce the pungent odor

Regular drainage maintenance’s most common and vital importance is reducing pungent odor. If you smell a lingering bad smell from a drain, then it’s the time to clean your drainage system. Therefore, regular drainage maintenance is the best option to minimize such odor.

Reducing such smell can enhance the richness of your place. In addition, it can give you the utmost satisfaction of using a drainage system regularly. 

Now take a pen or open a word pad to list a few common habits of maintaining drains. We will guide you through this blog.

Regularly flush the drains:

Number one; flush the drains of your house with hot water. Now, the question is, why hot water? Well, hot water has great degreasing properties. So, using hot water at least once a week will clean all the trapped material and grease from the drains. You should try this for every drain, especially in the kitchen.

Every week take a bucket of hot water and pour it into every drain of your house. You need to repeat this one more time. Then start the cold water tap. Cold water will flush the excess material left behind.

Avoid using chemical drain cleaner.

Chemical drain cleaners are abrasive. They clean the clogs from the pipes but also damage the pipe itself. So, chemical drain cleaners can destroy your sewerage system. 

Many blocked drains in Chatham were treated with chemical drain cleaners for a prolonged time, resulting in pipe leakage. These cleaners don’t identify the difference between gunk and pipe. So, over usage of it damages the drains. 

So always try to clean the drains with hot water to ensure your house’s safety manually.

What you need to avoid flushing down the drains

Some materials clog the drains of your house. So, knowing and identifying them will help you avoid drain blockages. First is any grease. Grease, oil or fats are one of the main causes of blocked drains. They are liquid when warm but soon become solid when cool down.

You also must avoid flushing down any harsh chemicals, sticky materials, paper towels, cotton balls, baby diapers or wipes. These materials can cause a clog and release hazardous things in the pipes. You don’t want any of these things happening to your drains.

Make a habit of cleaning drains:

You will have a clean drainage system if you regularly clean your drains. There are a lot of DIY ways to keep the drains clean.

Take a cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of salt. Mix both with a cup of warm vinegar. Then, pour the solution into the drains and wait for ten to fifteen minutes. Flush the drains with a bucket of water, and that’s it. As a result, you will have clean drains. But you must do this weekly trick to have clean and odourless drains.

Use professional help:

If you want to keep your drainage system healthy, you need to take professional help. There are many plumbers in Barnet, Kent and Chatham. You can take a yearly subscription if you want to save some money.

They will timely visit your home and provide you necessary help. You can also ask for their help in anything related to plumbing.


So, are you ready to clean your drainage system? You can follow above-mentioned tips to keep your drains healthy. You can also keep the contact details of plumbers or drainage cleaning services of your area, in case you want some professionals to handle this cleaning work for you. For instance, if you live in Kent, you must keep the contact details of blocked drains in Kent to call them in case of emergency.

To conclude, you must clean your drainage either through professionals or DIY methods to keep the future problems at a bay.

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