There was one main feature Allison and Shawn Woosley were looking for when shopping for a new home: space. After living in a traditional neighborhood with every house placed close together, they were ready for more room.

“We looked for houses that were already built, and we just came to the conclusion that it was time to build (our own),” Allison told the Courier Journal.

Beach house of the south

The Woosleys found the perfect piece of land to construct their dream home — an area at the top of a hill in Sycamore Ridge Estates. Their property backs up to a 300-acre farm used for hunts by the Long Run Woodford Hounds, so their nearest neighbors are far off.

“We just needed to build our own (home) because we had specific things that we wanted, and my style isn’t traditional Louisville style,” Allison said, explaining that her décor preferences have a coastal feel. “We dub this house ‘The 502 Beach House.’”