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Cost To Reroof A House

Cost To Reroof A House

Roof repair and replacement are very common in the UK. However, roofing costs can vary significantly as roofs come in many different sizes and shapes and are built using other materials.

Roof Replacement Cost

Reroofing your house is a significant investment, and knowing the cost involved is essential before diving into the project. The reroofing cost in the UK can vary depending on various factors, such as the size of your roof, the type of roofing material you choose, the complexity of the job, and the location of your property. On average, the cost to reroof a house in the UK can range from £3,000 to £7,000, but it can go up to £10,000 or more for larger or more complicated roofs.

Common Roofing Materials

The most common roofing materials used in the UK are asphalt, slate, and tiles. The cost of these materials can vary significantly, with asphalt being the cheapest and slate being the most expensive. For instance, asphalt shingles can range from £50 to £100 per square meter, while slate can cost up to £200 per square meter.

The type of material you choose will significantly impact the overall reroofing cost. The size and complexity of your roof can also affect the reroofing cost. A small, simple roof will be less expensive to reroof than a more extensive, more complex roof.

Additionally, if your roof has multiple angles, valleys, or dormers, completing the job will require more time and effort, resulting in a higher cost. Finally, the location of your property can also play a role in the reroofing cost. In areas with a higher cost of living, such as London or the Southeast, you can expect to pay more for the same job than in other parts of the UK.

National Average Cost £6,500
Minimum Cost £3,000
Maximum Cost £10,000
Average Range £3,000 to £7,000


If you’re not sure you need a new roof and would like an evaluation first, hire a roof inspector to come out for around £150-200. This guide will cover every important aspect of roof replacement and installation rates in-depth. 

What are the benefits of re-roofing (retiling)?

A roof is one of the most critical components of a house. Given how inclined they are to natural deprecations, maintenance becomes necessary to protect them and make our home feel more secure. Moreover, as roof structures tend to wear out faster, re-roofing or roof restoration is always required to protect the property and increase its value.

What is re-roofing?

Re-roofing is tearing down the current roof to install an entirely new one.  Generally, re-roofing is done when the damage to the existing roof is too severe to be repaired and the cost of repairing it too high. Replacing a roof can be expensive, especially if the roof’s support structure must be replaced.

What is roof restoration?

Roof restoration is preferred when the roof is not damaged beyond repair. Similar to re-roofing, the roofing structure is partially torn down in restoration. Still, it is thoroughly checked for damages which are then repaired to guarantee its safety. Homeowners will need to hire professional roofers to work on the roof to enhance it, fix any damages, and improve the appearance of the rooftop.

After the roof restoration has been completed

After repairing the damage, the next step is to repaint the roof tiles and then coat them with another layer of colour, giving the roof a new and fresh look. The goal is to secure the top, give it a fresh look, and prevent further damage and degradation.

When should I replace or repair my roof?

When it comes to the roof of your home, it’s important to know when it’s time for a repair or replacement. A well-maintained roof can last anywhere from 15 to 50 years, depending on the type of material used. However, regardless of the material, there will come a time when repairs or a complete replacement will be necessary.

Roof repair is a viable option when the damage is minor, such as a few missing shingles or a small leak. These issues can be fixed quickly and without much expense.

However, if the damage is significant, such as widespread leaks, extensive damage to the structure, or rotting, it may be time for a roof replacement.

A roof replacement is a more significant undertaking than a simple repair. It involves removing the old roof, inspecting the structure underneath, and installing a new roof.

A complete replacement is necessary when the damage is too extensive to be repaired, the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, or when the homeowner wants to upgrade to a new roofing material.

Another factor to consider is the cost. Repairs are generally less expensive than a complete replacement, but if the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, multiple repairs can quickly add up. In this case, a replacement may be the more cost-effective option in the long run. In conclusion, looking over your roof regularly and addressing any issues immediately is essential to avoid further damage.

If the damage is minor, a repair may be sufficient. However, if the damage is significant or the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, a full replacement may be necessary. It’s crucial to weigh the cost of repairs versus replacement and consult a professional to make the best decision for your home.

Here are some tips to help you determine if you need a new roof:

Roof age: if your roof is older than 20-25 years, your old roof has been removed, and who built the new one only with one layer of shingles?

Shingles are curling: If your shingles look curled and lose granules, this might be a sign that your roof needs replacement.

Roof valleys: If your shingles are falling apart or missing near the roof valleys, this is a clear sign that your roof is susceptible to roof leaks.

Missing shingles: If you notice that after a heavy rainfall or storm, your roof is missing shingles, your roof needs repair.

Chimney flashing: Consider replacing your old cement or tar roof chimney flashing with a new metal flashing system.

Shingle granules in the gutters: if your roof looks darker or inconsistent in some parts, this might be a sign of a granule warning.

Daylight through roof boards: This is always a bad sign if you notice any moisture in the insulation or daylight coming through the roof board.

Interior Water Damage: If you notice stains on your interior ceilings or walls, this is a direct indication that either your roofing system is damaged or that the ventilation is not good enough.

Replacing your roof is challenging and may sound daunting, but it is the only way to deal with this situation effectively. Roof replacement is only sometimes more expensive than roof repairs because extensive repairs could easily add up to the cost of roof replacement, especially if you are doing constant repairs on an old roof.

How much to reroof a house?

The cost of re-roofing a house will vary depending on several factors, including:

    • the professional roofer you hire,
    • the size of your roof,
    • the quality of the materials you will use and
    • whether or not you are altering the style of your current roof.

Re-roofing costs

Roof repair causes

Nearly all roof leaks are much the same and are a result of similar kinds of problems. Examples of these are:

Blown or missing shingles — Irrespective of their manufactured material, roof shingles are susceptible to lifting due to high wind gusts. Lightweight materials are affected by this compared to heavier ones. However, even heavy shingles made of asphalt may peel off and be swept away by the wind, causing your underlayment and roof deck to be susceptible to the outside weather.

Broken or dripping pipe flashing — The roof’s vent pipes lay below your roofing material. They are generally well-sealed. However, deterioration of the pipe flashing or maybe of the sealant could make it easy for water to penetrate right through to the inside.

Step flashing of chimney/skylight — The flashing on the chimney might leak when high wind gusts pull it off your roof or chimney, or if the sealant is damaged. Skylights are more challenging to analyse. A leak might only be condensation at first glance. But, a damaged skylight or weathered seals can undoubtedly result in a leak.

Valleys — Valleys are the small guttering that travels down the roof’s interior angles. The damage to the flashing could result from tiles lifting, a buildup of fungus, or inadequate cleaning. Since most rainwater will flow down these valleys due to gravity, ensuring they are not defective is important.

Ice dams — When melted snow freezes again on the roof, ice dams are formed. The resulting walls don’t permit other roof runoff to flow to your rain guttering or at least drain off your roof surface.

Shallow slope/insufficient roof pitch — Roofs with shallow slopes are vulnerable to wind damage just as much as flat roofs. In addition, they usually don’t offer good run-off in rainy locations.

How much does it cost to retile a roof?

Retiling is the process of replacing broken or damaged tiles or shingles with new ones. The cost of replacing missing or slipped titles comes to £100 and £300 per square meter. Several roofing contractors charge hourly, from £8 to £16 per hour. They are replacing ridged tiles costs between £100 and £350 per square meter. The average price of retiling a whole roof comes to £5,000.

Also, suppose you have rotting timbers that need replacement or new ones to support heavier material. In that case, the cost will increase significantly depending on the job type and reinforcement your roof will require. 

Many contractors or roofing companies factor in the project quote the cost of the removal of the old roof. The rates usually vary depending on the company’s size, expertise, project complexity, materials used, and location. Removing old shingles is the most difficult part of the job. Even doing it yourself could save you around £1,000; professionals job the job more safely and efficiently, so think about it carefully before taking a DIY approach.

For more detailed information, please also check the table below:

Roof repair cost

How Much Does a Slate Roof Cost?

Natural slates are often found in traditional or period homes and are more long-lasting when compared to ceramic tiles. A slate roof is more expensive to install compared to other roofs. The roof’s square footage is usually equivalent to the house’s square footage. Estimate to pay around £72-£75 per square meter.

Small roofing jobs prices

When your roof is damaged and your a looking for a professional roofer to repair minor damages or replace several roof or ridge tiles, the following price table will help you estimate the amount of money you have to pay for each job.


The cost of materials can range from £0.60 to £3 per tile, depending on the type of roof tile. The prices listed above do not include scaffolding. The price consists of stripping external tiles, supplying and fixing a new underlay, any required lead work, ridging and verge work, and tiling. Furthermore, these roofing prices are only estimates, and they may vary depending on your location and the size of the roofing company.

Benefits of re-roofing: Why should I reroof my house?

There are many reasons that homeowners should choose to reroof their houses. The most common reasons are:

    • Bad roof condition or damaged roof from the weather.
    • The roof began to deteriorate primarily due to typical wear and tear.
    • Selling your home.
    • Re-roofing costs can be cheaper than constant roofing repairs.
    • Saving Money on constant roof repairs.
    • Modern roofs are more secure than the old ones and help keep criminals away.

Benefits of retiling old roofs

old-roof-tilesThe following factors will significantly contribute to a better decision regarding retiling your roof.

When selling your home, having a new roof can significantly increase your property’s value, put your home to a new level, and make it stand out from many other properties within the same price range.

Re-tiling increases the value of the property.

No one wants to buy a house and end up spending thousands of pounds to install a new roof after a year or two. Re-tilling is much easier and more cost-effective, and who could calculate the cost of replacing your roof tiles at your home’s sales price, which will result in a free roof repair at the end of the deal?

How much it is to tile a roof will depend on the type of tiles you are interested in, the size of your home, and the part of your home that you want to be retiled. The roof restoration agency you decide on can significantly affect how much it costs to replace your roof tiles since some have far better fees than others.

A new roof is an excellent investment that always pays off!

Re-roofing will help raise your selling price and sell your house faster. According to ThisIsMoney, a well-constructed roof has a 63% ROI. It is essential for people living in high rain areas to realise that a damaged roof can cause many problems because of loose tiles and holes in the top. The sooner they deal with these problems, the more money they will save and the better your home looks and feels.

Ease of mind

The cost of replacing a roof is nothing compared to the ease of mind you will experience when your roof is in good order.  Your home’s roof helps protect you and your family and all the valuable equipment you have spent years paying off.

Save on repairs

A well-maintained roof can save you a lot of money on repairs resulting from a sudden storm in the neighbourhood that could submerge your home during heavy rains. Getting your roof repaired or replaced before it gets too damaged is much better.

How much does a new roof cost?

It is challenging to estimate the exact cost of a new roof, but as a guideline, budget a minimum of £5,000. The price of a new roofing structure can vary based on the materials used, the height, roof pitch, location, accessibility, size, scaffolding style, and labour work required.

You’ll need to contact a roofing professional to get a quote based on your requirements.

Note: According to Rated People, the cost for a one-bedroom house with the main roof starts from £2,000, while a two-bedroom house starts from £3,500.Factors that can increase new roof prices

Naturally, a larger or more complex roof design will increase the complexity and, therefore, the project’s cost, but this is something that only some can avoid. Below, you can see the most important factors that can increase the cost of a new roof.

    • Materials (timber, OSB boards, plywood, joist hangers, restraint straps, nails, screws, square washes, steel nuts, timber connectors, high tensile bolts, coach bolts)
    • Size of tiles (smaller tiles take more tiles to install and therefore increase labour fees)
    • Type of tiles (natural slate tiles cost significantly more)
    • Additional work hours.

Re-roofing grants

The cost to reroof a house may all look a bit much. However, you can always contact your council, as you may be eligible for a grant from your Local Authority, especially if you are obliged to opt for a more expensive design in keeping with the neighbourhood aesthetic.

The council could also guide you towards the best roof replacement experts to cut the roofing cost and inform you whether a specific roofing alteration is worth the investment.

How to reduce roof replacement costs

You can do your research.

Before contacting any roofer with your requirements, try to understand the complexity and size of your project first. Knowing the volume of needed roofing materials will help you get the most accurate quotes. One “square” equals 100 square feet of roofing material. Also, remember that the installation and disposal fees are usually included in the estimates you will receive.

Shop Around

Try to get quotes from various roofers to find the best offer. Be suspicious of very low bids, as many roofers need to pay attention to customer satisfaction when working on a re-roofing project, as it is usually a one-off job. Be extremely careful who you hire. Get references from people you trust, check their reputation online and always hire certified installers. Also, ensure that the roofer/roofing company you hire offers a warranty on materials and installation.

Pick the right time

You can avoid scheduling your roof replacement in late summer and fall. The best time is usually winter and spring when roofers are less busy. You will get lower bids or off-season discounts at this time of the year.

You can use your home insurance.

If you have insurance for your home, it usually covers roof damage when it is not caused by neglect. You could get the advantage of your home insurance if your roof got damaged by a hailstorm or snowfall, as your insurer may pay for all or part of the roof replacement cost.

Do part of the work yourself.

If you have the skills, the proper equipment, the time, and are not afraid of heights, you can remove the old roofing yourself, lowering costs. Talk to your contractor first about breaking out the fork and roof jacks. It is heavy and dangerous work, and you may have to dispose of the old materials yourself.

Consider installing an overlay.

A roofing overlay is an alternative to roof replacement with a limited budget. This option applies only if you have yet to install an overlay before. An overlay involves installing new shingles on top of the existing ones.  You get to keep your old roof and reduce spending this way, as overlaying takes fewer labour hours.

 A word of caution about overlays as they are only sometimes the best solution: new singles tend to last less than the manufacturer’s warranty due to extra heat trapped by the added layers. You add excess weight to your roof, endangering the structural integrity of your house.  Furthermore, overlays do not always look great, making it difficult to inspect the deck’s condition when reroofing and reducing resale value.

Read more about How to reduce reroofing costs.

The benefits of using professional roofing services

The role and position of the roof make it a susceptible component of the house. As such, you’ll need to give the job to a qualified roofing contractor to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Having a roofing expert inspect your roof regularly and do minor repairs can help prevent further damage and save you a lot of money. Furthermore, even though the cost of doing a lot of minor roof repairs could easily add up to the price of a new roof, it is still a significant investment that increases the value of a property.

If you’d like to learn more about the cost of re-roofing, you can look at the table above to understand the average prices. If you are wondering how much it costs to retile a roof, it is best to contact local roofing companies to ensure you are getting the most accurate estimates.

An architect can also provide you with a reasonable estimation of roof replacement costs, especially if you are worried about damaging the natural structure of your home when the roof replacement is taking place.


Why Should I Get a New Roof?

The reasons for getting a new roof are rather straightforward;

  • Leaks after a Rainstorm
  • Missing or Cracked Shingles
  • Evidence of Decay or Rot
  • Leaks around Chimney
  • Stains on Interior Ceilings and Walls

You’ll need to inspect your roof first to spot any of the above conditions. If you see evidence of decaying or the first signs of a ceiling falling apart, you’ll need to contact a reputable roofer.

How Do I Select the Right Roofer?

First, you will need to go to a respected source of roofing contractors, such as those found in Roofing Associations located in your state. The businesses that register with the roofing associations must meet certain standards and have practised for some time. Please be aware of roofers without connections to roofing associations, especially ones that show up after a storm.

Once you have found a selection of reputable roofing companies, you can separate them by their rates and services until you find one that meets your needs.

Do They Have Insurance?

In case of an accident, are the employees covered by insurance? You do not want to have to pay for something you didn’t cause. Reputable roofers cover their employees with insurance in accidents and the like to protect you.

How Long to Install My New Roof

Unless you have a huge home, installing a new asphalt shingle roof generally takes one to two days. There may be delays due to weather or unforeseen events, but they may do it in a single day for average size homes.

Are Metal Roofs Better than Standard Asphalt Shingles?

Yes. Metal roofs are generally fireproof and can withstand impacts that would penetrate an ordinary asphalt shingle roof. However, they are also much more expensive as well. Depending on how expensive it is to remove your old roof, a metal one generally costs twice as much and will take up to four times longer to install.

Are Warranties an Indication of How Long the Roof will Last?

No. Since the warranties are pro-rated over time, they will cover less as the years go by.

Can I Verify who installed my New Roof Correctly?

Yes. You can call a local or state government representative that will inspect your home for free to see if the roofer followed all the required rules and regulations. All states have had issues with lousy roofing companies before, so they will have a mechanism to inspect homes after installing a new roof.

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