March 21, 2023


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‘Christina on the Coast’ Finale Preview: Christina juggles a kitchen renovation and a surprise wedding shower

‘Christina on the Coast’ Finale Preview: Christina juggles a kitchen renovation and a surprise wedding shower

Thursday night’s (September 10) episode of ‘Christina on the Coast’ will mark the end of Season 2 Part 2 of this show. ‘COTC’ gave audiences a full-blown look into Christina Anstead’s professional endeavors and also captured her in her personal space that she shares with her three children and husband Ant Anstead. A chunk of episodes from Season 2 initially aired earlier this year on HGTV and the network began airing the remainder of its episodes in the first week of August. We’ve seen Christina go on a snowy holiday with family, watched her go-kart with Ant, her best friend Cassie, and her boyfriend, seen Christina and Cassie get acupuncture, all this while continuing to work on the renovation projects for her clients. For the final episode too, she will be seen working on a kitchen remodel for her clients but at the same time, she will also be fulfilling her best friend duties by being very hands-on with the planning and execution of Cassie’s wedding shower. 


Viewers have seen Christina shop for backsplash tiles, furniture, veneer flooring samples, etc on the show for her clients. However, the upcoming finale episode will see her shopping for party decoration and by clicking on the play button on the clip above, audiences can see how happy that makes her. She’s gone overboard with all the things required for the big celebration but getting them into the car is another challenge so much so that she had to resort to seeking help from the crew shooting her.

A 50-pound camera seemed easier to tackle than a handful of balloons! But in the end, everything falls in place and Christina and her friends set up the place and are ready to get the celebrations started. Prepare to see a beautiful cake, party streamers, and many guests that assembled to share in the joy and celebrate the upcoming union of Cassie and her now fiance. Although this is the end of the season, ‘COTC’ fans needn’t lose heart. Even before Season 2 Part 2 could hit the screens, HGTV had announced that the show has been renewed for a Season 3 and that production of the same was underway, and here’s all you need to know about it. 

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