Cheapest Way to Put Bathroom in Basement

A basement is a good area in your home to make an extra room, bedroom, game room, or simply a bathroom. But have you ever wondered about the cheapest way to put a bathroom in basement? If so, you may have considered the cost of adding a bathroom in a basement. It must be within your budget so that you can easily have a bathroom space without putting a hole in your wallet.

A bathroom in a basement is quite convenient, as it prevents you from constantly climbing upstairs to use the loo. Hence, adding a bathroom in your basement is an investment that you do for comfort. However, it can be quite tricky to decide its location.

If we think construction-wise, one always has to construct a bathroom with specific guidelines. It is because a basement bathroom will always remain underground. And, some sudden changes or additions may increase the overall price of a project.

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Therefore, to reduce the budget to a certain level, you have to strategically plan a bathroom construction. This will save you from paying for completely new linings, foundations, and hardware installations.

Recheck your plans before starting the construction of the bathroom in the basement without breaking concrete. You may make the most of the location with existing pipes. This will decrease the costs of plumbing.

Once you are ready with the layout, installment requirements, and hardware choices, you can further decide to construct perfect basement bathrooms with a shower or without a shower.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when constructing a basement bathroom on a budget:

1. Position it Below the Upstairs Bath

If possible, create a basement bathroom plumbing diagram that positions your basement bathroom just below the upstairs washroom. So, your budget won’t go high because you don’t have to spend money on installing new water lines and draining the other side of your abode. When your new basement bathroom is just underneath the upstairs one, it would limit the amount of piping a plumber needs to install. This will make your project a lot more budget-friendly.

2. Put Drop Ceiling and the Acoustic Tiles

When installing a shower in a basement on concrete, you need a ceiling. So, consider installing the one that appears stunning while enabling deceptive and easy access to ductwork and water lines. It further helps in reducing the upstairs noise. You may consider adding a drop ceiling along with acoustic panels. These soundproof panels will easily absorb the noise and won’t transfer it. It would lead to a quieter basement sanctuary. In case, you require better access to ductwork, it is easy to do while removing an existing ceiling panel and making a quicker repair.

For small basement bathroom ideas, choose laminate flooring. While hardwood is a great option, as it would increase the value of a property. But it is not ideal for the basement. For getting the same cozy and warm appeal, you need to choose laminate flooring. Moisture and cold are the two issues that impact basement flooring. So, when you buy a good quality laminate floor for basements, you will get a high-quality and sound product. It will further enhance the aesthetics and practicality of the given space.

4. Choose Vintage Materials

Buying a cheap mirror for the sink may not sound too elegant. But if you get it framed with a vintage mirror frame and stunning molding strips, you are likely to have an upgraded appeal. The wall art is not the only feature that would benefit from the vintage charm in your basement bathroom. You can visit the recycling shops and estate sales for buying vintage towel racks, fixtures, faucets, sinks, drawer hardware, cabinetry, and even a bathtub.
The recycled vintage dressers are easy to convert into upscaled consume units for holding plumbing and sinks. These are easy to redesign and customize to fit within a small basement bathroom.

5. Make Use of Leftovers

You can install a glass tile in your new basement bathroom. But it will be a pricey deal. To remain on a strict budget, it is best to look for someone else’s leftover materials online. Sometimes shoppers buy too much of a specific product. So, their overcompensation can become your ultimate savings. Particularly, if their selected items were custom-made.

Cutting costs on this latest home addition, whether through purchasing used construction materials on Craigslist or your local hardware store, allows you to splurge on much-needed fixtures in your basement bathroom.

A customized basement bathroom is highly convenient for homeowners who are likely to use the basements for more than one storage. Whether you have a well-finished basement or want to construct a new project, keep these things in mind to help you keep your expenses lower.

How much does it cost to add a bathroom in the basement?

Do you ever think that is it worth putting a bathroom in the basement? Well, the answer is yes. But when it comes to the cost of a bathroom, there is no precise answer. It generally depends on one’s budget, material choices, and installation decisions.

Do you want to install a shower? Will you call a handyman or a contractor? What type of furniture do you need in a bathroom? The answers to all these questions can help you determine your final cost.

room is your house’s geographical location. There are some places where the construction costs are very cheap. While we try to provide average prices, the costs are altered depending on the area where you live.

But there is nothing to stress about. You can carry out your project step by step for the cheapest way to put bathroom in the basement. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to ensure the construction is in perfect condition. So, that the bathroom remains intact for a longer duration.

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