Multifunctional islands contribute to space optimization by integrating multiple perks into a single unit, eliminating the need for separate furniture pieces. This design approach not only streamlines the kitchen layout but also adds flexibility to the space, allowing homeowners to adapt it to their diverse needs. This can look like […]

There’s no doubt that a well-organized kitchen island can be a game-changer.  After all, it’s likely to be the most-used part of your kitchen, so getting it functioning seamlessly is a must. Whether you use your kitchen island for storage, preparing food, cooking, doing dishes, entertaining and dining, these are […]

Danish brand Vipp, renowned for its 85-year tradition of metalwork and most notably their iconic trash bins, introduces their latest kitchen design that’s a perfect testament to the company’s legacy. Crafted with aluminum, the V3 kitchen is a modular masterpiece that seamlessly merges functionality with minimalist aesthetics, marking a new […]

“Butcher blocks made with end grain are better than edge grain,” Lichy explains. “The difference is that edge grain runs along the outside and end grains are where the wood fibers are exposed at the end. End grains are way more resistant to cuts and scarring so they simply last […]

The struggle of navigating and concealing electrical sockets is something all modern homeowners are accustomed to – or, rather, all but Tan France, who has found an ingenious solution. The Queer Eye star, who resides in Salt Lake City, took followers inside his monochrome kitchen by Utah-based designers, The Fox […]

Al’s Aloha Kitchen is coming to Bluffton. The restaurant, which marked its fifth anniversary of serving up poke bowls and smoothies on Hilton Head’s south end last summer, will be opening a second location along Buckwalter Parkway in the Washington Square development. “We’re excited to be in a place that’s […]

20 Best Bar Stools to Complete Your Kitchen Island </p><p>When shopping for a bar stool, consider the size of your space and check the height and dimensions of the chairs. Some stools are sold at shorter heights to be tucked under kitchen islands, while others are built to stand much […]