March 21, 2023


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Antoni Porowski Looks Almost Unrecognizable With a Shaved Head

Antoni Porowski Looks Almost Unrecognizable With a Shaved Head

From Men’s Health

It looks like Antoni Porowski took a page out of the Queer Eye playbook and has now given himself a quarantine makeover.

The food expert debuted his new look on Sunday, when he posted a photo of him dining al fresco (with a mask on, no less) while showing off a freshly buzzed head of hair. The minor change—it’s just a haircut, after all—combined with the mask may have made him somewhat unrecognizable to his 4.5 million Instagram followers.

“Number of times I almost put food through my mask: 3,” he hilariously captioned the photo. And if you’re wondering whether Antoni kept up with the social distancing trend of self-haircuts… sorry to say, but he tagged celebrity groomer Kumi Craig in the photo, letting everyone be aware that no, he did not take a pair of hair clippers to his own head.

As to be expected, fans and followers completely lost it in the comments section. Up until now, Porowski had been sporting a longer hairstyle. He also seemed to give quite a shock to his Queer Eye co-stars, who clearly had no idea about his recent change-up.

“YES BUZZ-CUT!” Tan France wrote. “Quarantine makeover realness bb,” commented Jonathan Van Ness (maybe Antoni should’ve consulted with the hair guru before the big chop?). But Bobby Berk’s comment is the perfect description of everyone’s reaction summed up in one sentence. “Took me a second to figure out who this was!!!” the home improvement expert wrote.

Aside from the new haird, fans also took the time to notice (erm… appreciate might be more like it) the Queer Eye star’s subtle thirst trap, as he showed off the effects of his quarantine workout routine with flexed biceps. “Those ARMS! my GOODNESS,” one person commented, while another jokingly added, “Holy pick me up and throw me around like a ragdoll!”

Perhaps this is a subtle hint for Porowski to consider incorporating some fitness tips into his next cookbook.

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