March 31, 2023


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Amazon Shoppers Say This Vintage-Looking Fan Works (and Looks) Great in Tight Spaces

Amazon Shoppers Say This Vintage-Looking Fan Works (and Looks) Great in Tight Spaces

We’re at the point in summer where every day feels like it’s hotter than the last, and being cooped up at home sure isn’t helping this heat wave. Stocking up on home cooling essentials and finding a fan you can rely on during this time is crucial, and the latest models are anything but the classic box fans of years past. Some of the best-rated indoor fans look more like decor than appliances, yet they still work wonderfully. Take, for example, the Vornado VFan JR. It’s a vintage-inspired desktop model that looks like it was picked up straight from the antique shop. But instead of coming with years of wear and tear, it’s brand new and comes packed with some very useful features. 

Inspired by Vornadofan’s original 1945 design, the Vfan is a nostalgic appliance with all the modern makings of a great air circulator. It comes with a two-speed control that makes using it an absolute breeze (pun intended). You won’t have to deal with tricky control panels, hard-to-figure-out instruction manuals, or miscellaneous wires with this fan. And though it’s small, it’s seriously powerful. Reviewers say on its high setting, the fan is strong enough to create a vast airflow in large living rooms or basements, and on its low setting, it creates a noticeable and gentle gust. 

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Perhaps the best feature: It’s actually nice to look at. The simple style can fit into a number of interior design atmospheres. Whether your home is a modern farmhouse, monochromatic oasis, or boho bungalow, this fan (which is available in a creamy white or earthy green) can add a layer of personality without compromising aesthetics. No wonder it has nearly 1,200 reviews and a solid 4.2-star rating. 

“Used this to replace the ugly box fans I usually use for white noise in my room,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I was impressed with the quality and happy that it is made of metal… It also looks super cute in my room… It’s perfect for placing on a medium-sized bedside desk.”

Shoppers say this easy design makes it the perfect fan to bring around to whatever area needs a little more air. It’s compact enough to fit into tight bathrooms, crowded countertops, and clustered bookshelves. Some shoppers are even buying multiple models to keep stationed in different locations. 

“We loved our first little Vornado so much, we purchased a second one for another room,” wrote one reviewer. “Very quiet, never fails to work, easy to carry to move it. Great product.”

Whether you’re experiencing a heat wave or not, this fan can really help you chill out. Below, shop this chic model that doubles as decoration.

To buy: $59 (was $80);

To buy: $68 (was $80);