February 4, 2023


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Adding a water feature to your landscape | Home & Garden

Adding a water feature to your landscape | Home & Garden

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A backyard water feature is a simple way to add tranquility to your everyday life. Whether you long for a contemplative pond or need a bubbling fountain to mask noise, there’s a water feature out there that’s perfect for your space.


Fountains are the simplest water feature to add to your yard. Whether you opt for a formal, sculptural fountain, or a bubbling vase, the water feature works the same way: water collects at the bottom in a basin where a small pump moves it back to the top. A fountain is also the most affordable way to add a water feature to your landscape.


Ponds provide a quiet, contemplative space in your landscape, and is lower in maintenance than most homeowners expect. Adding a larger pond to your landscape cuts back on maintenance since small changes in water quality will have a lower impact on the overall ecosystem. Ponds also attract frogs and deer, which makes them perfect for wildlife lovers.

A large koi pond adds even more interest to your landscape, while small ponds defined by stone or brick can give your yard a more formal appearance. Ordinances vary by location, so consult with your landscaper about barrier code requirements.


A waterfall feature falls somewhere between a pond and a fountain. It can be designed to cascade into a reservoir, making it a lower maintenance option than a pond. While this water feature is more expensive than a fountain, it’s also better at masking heavy noise from nearby highways.