25 Of The Funniest Tweets About Married Life (Sept. 1–14)

Humor is an essential ingredient that keeps a marriage going. It adds some spice to the relationship and helps create a fun atmosphere. Married couples who can laugh at each other and themselves are likely to have a stronger and happier bond. Thanks to Twitter, we can all enjoy the humor and wit of married life in just a few characters. Here are 25 of the funniest tweets about married life from September 1 to 14.

  1. The Toothpaste Battle

The toothpaste battle is one that all married couples have to fight. It is a battle of the fittest, and no one ever wins. @thatUPSdude wrote, “Me: Honey, why is the toothpaste cap off? Wife: I was in a hurry this morning. Me: So the animals could use it?” This tweet perfectly captures the hilarious struggle of living with someone who has different priorities.

  1. The Slow Clap

Marriage is a journey, and there are many ups and downs. Sometimes, your partner does something so ridiculous that you have to slow clap them. @dadsrpeopletoo tweeted, “Slow clapping for my husband, who just spent 5 minutes trying to open a jar of pickles that I loosened for him.” This tweet is a perfect example of how married couples can find humor in everyday situations.

  1. The Pillow Talk

Pillow talk is an intimate moment shared between couples before they fall asleep. However, sometimes it can be a bit too much. @thesulk tweeted, “Wife: Why are you so hot? Me: I’m just so in love with you. Wife: No, seriously, why are you so hot? Move over.” This tweet perfectly captures the humor of married life and the little moments that make it special.

  1. The Diet Struggle

Married couples often support each other in their health and fitness journeys. However, sometimes the struggle to stay on track can be too much. @samanthajcampen tweeted, “My husband and I started a diet together today. I think it’s going to be a long week of staring at each other’s salads.” This tweet perfectly captures the humor of trying to stay healthy while also trying to keep your relationship intact.

  1. The Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routines can be a source of humor and frustration for married couples. @SarcasticAlly12 tweeted, “I love how my husband gets ready for bed in like 30 seconds, while it takes me 30 minutes to do my skincare routine and put on a face mask.” This tweet perfectly captures the hilarious differences in how men and women approach bedtime.

  1. The Marriage Advice

Marriage advice can be helpful, but sometimes it can be a little too much. @LurkAtHomeMom tweeted, “Just received some great marriage advice: ‘Happy wife, happy life.’ And the corollary: ‘Angry wife, knife in your back.'” This tweet perfectly captures the humor of marriage advice and the extreme measures some people will take to keep their spouse happy.

  1. The Anniversary Reminder

Remembering anniversaries is crucial in a marriage. However, sometimes life gets in the way. @ChaseMit tweeted, “My wife and I just celebrated our anniversary. We were only off by a month. #MarriedLife.” This tweet perfectly captures the humor of forgetting important dates and the ability to laugh it off.

  1. The Morning Routine

Mornings can be a bit chaotic for married couples, especially if they have kids. @XplodingUnicorn tweeted, “My morning routine: 1) Wake up 2) Check if my wife is mad at me 3) If she is, go back to sleep 4) If she’s not, get ready

In conclusion, Twitter is a goldmine for humor about married life. These tweets remind us that even in the ups and downs of marriage, humor can help us navigate the challenges and bring us closer together. Whether it’s the toothpaste battle or the morning routine, there is always something to laugh about. So, the next time you find yourself frustrated with your spouse, take a moment to find the humor in the situation. It might just be the key to a long and happy marriage.

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