7 great gardening deals for people who are obsessed with plants
7 great gardening deals for people who are obsessed with plants

With all the extra time at home these days, growing your dream garden doesn’t have to be off the table. After all, it’s 2020. There are grow kits, planters, and even classes like The Combined Urban and Zen Gardening Mastery Bundle that can provide you with the tools you need to become a master planter. Take notes and order what you need below.

Study up

With just 10 lessons from New Skills Academy’s Urban and Zen Gardening Mastery Bundle, you’ll be on your way to creating your own zen and peaceful garden. The course is originally priced at $198, but you won’t have to pay that hefty fee thanks to the limited time sale offer at only $19.99.

Urban and Zen Gardening Mastery Bundle — $19.99 See Details

Make it float

Levitating is no longer a thing that just magicians do — the Erice Floating Pot can make it happen, too. This planter will mesmerize anyone who sees it as it makes a plant look like it’s floating in mid-air. That trick alone is worth the modest price tag of just under $100, thanks to the 26{2bcf6c72702b5c79c6d60e2b201b92505312452d06f0e1ed088ab13b8bc14c0a} discount off its original price of $135.

Erice Floating Pot — $99.95 See Details

Start digging

Considering all the planting you’re going to be doing, the Multi-Function Folding Emergency Shovel is a solid tool to have. Beyond dirt, this handy shovel can also scoop away snow. Given how useful it is, the item is certainly worth its budget-friendly $22.99 sale value, which is a more than 60{2bcf6c72702b5c79c6d60e2b201b92505312452d06f0e1ed088ab13b8bc14c0a} markdown from the regular price of $59.

Multi-Function Folding Emergency Shovel — $22.99 See Details

Feeling fishy?

Even though you’ll have to buy the fish and aquarium separately, AquaSprouts Garden allows customers to combine a garden and up to a 10-gallon aquarium into a self-sustaining desktop ecosystem. Once you get the hang of it all, you’ll even be able to grow your own fruits and vegetables all in the same place. It’s been discounted 11{2bcf6c72702b5c79c6d60e2b201b92505312452d06f0e1ed088ab13b8bc14c0a} from $179, so you can get it for just $159.99.

AquaSprouts Garden — $159.99 See Details

Water only

Never worry about overwatering your plants again with the Ionian Hydroponics: Water Garden because it includes a planter made for water-absorbing plants only. You won’t need soil or a green thumb to ensure these plants will grow. All you’ll need is — yup, you guessed it — water. Buy it at 17{2bcf6c72702b5c79c6d60e2b201b92505312452d06f0e1ed088ab13b8bc14c0a} off and snag it for just $32.95.

Ionian Hydroponics: Water Garden — $32.95 See Details

Keep calm

One essential most gardens are missing is a fountain. Add one to your space with the AquaSprouts Fountain: Aquaponics Water Garden. It’s easy to maintain and even recycles fish waste for plant growth. The deal is 12{2bcf6c72702b5c79c6d60e2b201b92505312452d06f0e1ed088ab13b8bc14c0a} off $169 at $147.99, so finalize your order while the price tag is available.

AquaSprouts Fountain: Aquaponics Water Garden — $147.99 See Details

And another one

Just in case one fountain isn’t enough, add a different AquaSprouts Fountain: Aquaponics Water Garden design. This one has a distinct eye-catching decor that will complement any aesthetic. Save 13{2bcf6c72702b5c79c6d60e2b201b92505312452d06f0e1ed088ab13b8bc14c0a} and snag it for just $137.99.

AquaSprouts Fountain: Aquaponics Water Garden — $137.99 See Details