March 30, 2023


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7 Bathroom plants to provide the space with spa vibes

7 Bathroom plants to provide the space with spa vibes

You don’t need to place all your indoor plants only in the living room or bedroom. You can place it in the bathroom as well. Your bathroom will have a spa-like vibe with the plants.

7 Bathroom plants to provide the space with spa vibes

Indoor plants play a major role in home décor. They not only refresh the indoor air but only enhance the entire decoration. But you don’t have to always keep your houseplants in your living room, bedroom, veranda or backyard. They can be placed in your bathroom as well.


There are certain types of plants which are mainly used for bathrooms. They literally give you a spa-like feeling refreshing the air. So, if you’re also thinking of sprucing up your bathroom décor, then these plants are best to opt for. 


Best bathroom plants.


Golden Pothos

This plant can be best nurtured in a humid environment. From low to bright sunlight, this can be kept anywhere but the light has to be indirect.



It’s best to keep it in medium light and in the moderately humid environment. Having this plant will give your bathroom a new look. 


Snake Plant

Snake plant is a popular indoor plant, which is also good for the bathroom. It can thrive in any humid level and can tolerate low to bright indirect light. 


Air Plant

It’s another great option to opt for your bathroom décor. It’s safe in high humid levels and in bright indirect light.



Monstera has beautiful leaves which will give your bathroom a captivating look. It can tolerate low to high indirect light and can be kept at any level of humidity. It can generally thrive in different environments in your abode. 


Watermelon Peperomia

This plant likes warm temperature, a lot of moisture and humidity with medium to bright indirect light. You need to mist the plant regularly to enhance your bathroom décor. 



If you want to give your bathroom a spa-like effect, then this plant is just for you. It has low maintenance and can grow in water and low-light space. So, don’t worry, if your bathroom doesn’t have bright sunlight, your bamboo plant will still grow.


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