January 29, 2023


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50 Best Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Tiny Bathroom Layout & Decor Tips

50 Best Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Tiny Bathroom Layout & Decor Tips

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If you’ve ever tried to carve out more storage space in a tiny bathroom, you know that it’s a seemingly impossible task. That’s why it pays to know what kinds of layouts, setups, and decorating ideas can help make the most of a small bathroom.

12 Brilliant Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

To help, we searched our house tours high and low and rounded up some of the savviest small bathroom ideas we could find. From floating shelves to mosaic tile, here are 50 ways to maximize even the smallest of bathroom spaces—without sacrificing an inch of style.

1. Pick a Bold Paint Color

2. Mount a Few Floating Shelves

3.  Give Your Space the Tiled Treatment

Add mosaic tile to the walls surrounding your bathtub or shower to create an artful display in your small bathroom, just like we saw in Shana Cohen’s cozy cottage in Florida. 

Looking for an easy way to upgrade your small bathroom in a pinch? Replace your current mirror with a more sophisticated one—like the round floral bone mirror we found in Jane’s San Francisco apartment—to elevate the entire ambiance of your bathroom. No renovations necessary!

6. Work Wonders With Wallpaper

7. Fake it ‘til You Make It

An oversized mirror, like the round one we spotted in Kathy Davies’ Michigan home, reflects light and creates the illusion of more space in a tiny bathroom.

Working with little to no surface space for storage on your pedestal sink? Mount a floating picture ledge above your sink to store cosmetics, perfume bottles, and other small bathroom necessities, as we saw in Anne-Aurelie’s Paris apartment.

9. Make a Splash With a Shower Curtain

A pair of gallery walls filled with eclectic artwork brings color and personality to a small bathroom—no floor space required, as we found in Apartment Therapy editor Adrienne Breaux’s New Orleans home.

No room for a house plant? Take a cue from this farmhouse and hang a wreath for an organic touch.

12. Spice it Up With Sconces

Searching for a stylish way to free up space around your sink? Swingarm sconces—like the ones we saw in Diana Marsh’s Michigan home—will provide plenty of accent lighting without taking up an inch of surface space.

14. Create a Chalkboard Wall

Cover a single wall in a fresh coat of chalkboard paint to make an artful statement in a small bathroom, which will also keep you entertained while you’re in there. Let Antena and Miles David’s Rhode Island home serve as the perfect bathroom inspo.

15. The Trimmed Treatment

Bring a pop of color and contrast to your small bathroom by painting your baseboards and door trim in a bright hue. Emily Farris nailed this design trick in her Kansas City home.

Maximize a small, awkwardly shaped bathroom by covering the walls with some playful wallpaper, as we saw in Emily Murray’s house in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Not working with a ton of wall space to hang art in your tiny bathroom? Learn from Cupcakes and Cashmere founder Emily Schuman and prop a piece of art above your toilet tank. Let it lean against the wall for a sleek, nails-free display like she did inside her Los Angeles home. 

21. Dive Into the Decor Deep End

22.  Collect Toiletries in a Cute Tray

23. Create a Glamorous Glow

24. Work With Your Window Treatments

Hang an eye-catching curtain panel or two in place of traditional shades or drapes to make a bold statement with your window coverings in a small bathroom. Let Carrie and Patrick’s Los Angeles rental show you how it’s done.

26. Work Your Wainscoting

Create contrast in a compact bathroom by painting the wainscoting in a rich neutral shade. In her Michigan powder room, Diana Marsh used a navy blue that doesn’t overwhelm the small space.  

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful, and gallery walls in a small bathroom are no exception. Take a cue from Thomas and Tara Steffen and install floor-to-ceiling gallery displays on every wall of your bathroom for an impactful maximalist scene.

An extra-long hanging plant—like the wall-length heartleaf philodendron we spotted in this Los Angeles bathroom—naturally draws the eye up so a cramped space seems larger than it actually is. 

31. Try an Atypical Towel Rack

33. Forge Some Floating Storage

Invest in a sleek and slender hanging rail system, like the FINTORP series at IKEA, so you won’t waste an inch of precious sink space on toiletries. Jordan and Brittany Griggs take their storage strategy to the next level with this hack.

35. Go Mad With Mosaic Tile

36. Be Bold and Botanical

37. Make a Mirrored Marvel

An eye-catching full-length mirror brings an artful touch to a small bathroom while creating the illusion of more space, as we saw in Kristin Laing’s Texan house.

A floor-to-ceiling gallery wall gives a compact bathroom a maximalist upgrade when displayed against a bright green-painted wall. Look Mila Moraga-Holz’s Los Angeles home for some inspiration.

39. Shop for Slim Storage

41. Beautify With Baskets

42. Raise a Glass (Shelf)

No sink storage in your small bathroom? No worries. In this Brooklyn brownstone, a slender floating glass shelf offers up space for stashing a range of toiletries without cramping up a small bathroom.

46. Find Functional Furniture

An unexpected but multifunctional piece of furniture, as seen in Noemi’s Berlin apartment, offers up some much-needed storage space in a small bathroom.

If you’re working with little to no storage space around your shower or bathtub, mount a floating shelf or picture ledge on the wall above the tub to store your shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Fernando and Maximiliano’s Buenos Aires home strikes a balance between form and function.

When you don’t have any surface space around your pedestal sink, consider employing a petite, tiered side table to create some instant storage opportunity. Emily Waldmann’s Austin abode gets the job done in style.

Don’t let a lack of square footage hold you back from designing your dream bathroom. Take a cue from Lauren Naimola and Chad Pratt and install everything from a gallery wall to a statement light in your powder room to prove that good style will always trump size.