Along with resolutions, the New Year ushers in new trends in home design. Popular designs from the past year included contrasting countertops, cool colors and slab backsplashes. What will 2021 bring us and what should you choose when you design your new kitchen?

1. Wood Finishes

Is this the end of the white kitchen? Designers are choosing wood finishes on kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee WI. These are not the dark walnut cabinets of the past. Lighter finishes like ash will keep your kitchen light and bright while incorporating warm, natural tones. Coordinate with stone countertops and choose colors that highlight the best features of each product.

2. Multi-Level Islands

Kitchen islands have been popular for a long time, and for good reason. They provide more work surface area and storage. They can double as an eating area if there isn’t space for a table in the kitchen. 2021 will see more multi-level islands that give homeowners flexibility in how they use their island.

3. Gold Finishes

Chrome and brushed steel are no longer the only options for faucets and sinks. Brass was a popular choice on home improvement shows in 2020. This year, make your kitchen even more glamorous with gold finishes. Now available on faucets and sinks, as well as drawer pulls and lighting, gold is a warm color that will pair well with wood finished cabinets.

4. Energy-Efficient Appliances

The past year has opened many eyes to the major effects climate change is having on our planet. One way you can reduce your carbon footprint is to install energy-efficient appliances when you need new ones. Look for appliances with the Energy Star sticker and know that you are doing your bit to be more environmentally friendly. You’ll also save money on your energy bills.

5. Lots of Tile

Tile backsplashes are not new, but this year, tiles are breaking out of that narrow space. Expect to see tiles on the kitchen walls, from floor to ceiling. This is a way to add visual interest to the kitchen, while still keeping it neutral.

Designing a kitchen is fun, but there can be some stress. You want to have a kitchen that you love and that is stylish, but that won’t look dated in a few years. These trends are ones that should age well and look very attractive now. You’ll be the envy of your friends and family with your new kitchen.