5 Best Interior Design Trends of 2023, According to Experts

The best interior design trends of 2023 are not a list of “dos,” “don’ts,” and It-items for the home. Rather, they’re a shortcut to smartly channel your personal style into your space.

Interior design trends are often a reaction to larger cultural moments, like stress, “de-influencing,” and a desire to invest in organic, planet-friendly materials. As a result, we’re seeing fewer micro-trends and more design choices that will stand the test of time.

“[T]he world of fast fashion and design has us clinging from one trend to the next—think checkerboard rugs and blob mirrors,” Heather Goerzen, the design director of Havenly, tells Bazaar. “But I like to think we’re collectively wising up a bit, and learning to listen to what we really love, versus what just everyone else is buying at that moment. Between economic uncertainties as well as environmental concerns about waste, we’re craving investment pieces with soul and story that feel like they have staying style–and won’t be on next year’s ‘out’ lists. Leading us back to tradition, with a twist.”

Like a comfortable couch or luxury bedding, 2023’s best interior design trends and products are an investment into your home. With expert input from interior designers, home experts, and studio founders, explore the five best interior design trends of the year ahead.

2023 Interior Design Trend: Bold Hues

brightly colorful modern interior

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Several design experts are sensing a shift toward bolder colors. “While timeless white walls will never completely go out of style, people are seeking more comfort and coziness at home in the form of painted nooks, moody wallpaper, warm wood tones, and rich, colorful upholstery,” Goerzen said. “If there’s ever been a time to create an all-encompassing mood at home, it’s now.”

Kara Smith, founder of KES Studios, has seen more full rooms painted in strong tones like oxblood and emerald green—including the ceilings. “I am personally finding that when done right, color blocking in these colors is an exciting way to create depth and mood,” she said.

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2023 Interior Design Trend: Statement Stone

scene with empty gray stones podium and pine branches

Aleksandra Konoplia//Getty Images

For an organic statement, experts predict a rise in sculptural tables, dramatic countertops, and eye-catching backsplashes made from unconventional stones. From basalt to travertine to soapstone, these colorful stones are a bolder design choice and a beautiful way to bring the outdoors inside. “No matter what hue you choose, these pieces act like a work of art in home and command the style spotlight,”Goerzen said.

Even for more traditional materials like marble, there will be a shift away from the classic black-and-white kitchen countertops we’ve seen before. “People are leaning toward statement marbles with dramatic veining and unique color patterns. This trend allows for a stunning focal point that captures attention and adds a sense of timeless natural luxury,” said Lisa Berman and Melissa Rohani, co-founders of Studio Gutow.

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2023 Interior Design Trend: Organic Curves

luxury bungalow with state of the art interior

Andreas von Einsiedel//Getty Images

For a long time, angular shapes and strict straight lines were the hallmark of luxury interior design. This year, designers are leaning toward furniture and home elements that embrace soft lines.

“Curves aren’t new to the design world, but we predict they will continue to reign supreme on the design scene for 2023 and beyond,” Goerzen said. “There’s something romantic and undeniably fresh about them, [allowing them] to contrast with more modern streamlined forms.” The latest wave will include serpentine sofas, curvaceous accent chairs, and all other forms of furniture, plus an infusion of architectural arches: windows, doors, and hallways.

Incorporating an air of imperfection through organic shapes is a pushback against the overly manicured designs of before. “This trend brings a sense of serenity and fluidity to interiors, allowing spaces to breathe and feel harmonious,” Berman and Rohani add.

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2023 Interior Design Trend: Inner Sanctuary

benches in sauna

Johner Images//Getty Images

With daily stress levels at an all-time high, people are finding new and innovative ways to make their home a place of calm. “There is a huge trend towards creating a cocoon within your home,” Smith said. “I’ve seen rooms fully devoted to meditation, reading, and general relaxation.”

Neutral colors and muted shades of celadon, yellow, and ocean blue are the most common calming colors Smith has noticed. Jenni Lauri, the principal and founder of Lauri Design Studio, is observing a rise in warm harmonizing colors and mixes of rich, soft fabrics. “The natural materials, harmonizing colors, and hyper-textured rich fabrics we are now choosing for our homes reflect how we want to capture peace, tactility, and a sense of well-being,” she explained.

This trend may be a direct reaction to the chaos of the past few years. “I believe that after the pandemic and the intense and stressful period the world has gone through, people have felt the need of finding peace, happiness and a sense of home and family,” Marc Ange, the founder of Studio Ange, said.

While soft sofas and cashmere throws are a simple way to create a more peaceful space, larger design projects can also make a huge difference. Lauri expects that the rise in home wellness will lead to more cold plunges, saunas, and steam rooms incorporated into spa-like bathrooms.

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2023 Interior Design Trend: Granny Chic

interior of a vintage living room

Westend61//Getty Images

The coastal grandma trend’s relevance extends from summer fashion into the home. “After countless years of pared-back minimalism and clean mid-century modern, we’re finally seeing the pendulum swing in the opposite direction,” Goerzen said. “Traditional design is staging a slow but mighty comeback in the form of ornate woodwork and moulding, vintage-inspired artwork, romantic silhouettes, saturated colors, and pattern play. While this 21st-century iteration boasts a much-needed edge, the focus is once again on warmth, hospitality, and comfort–like a chic, updated take on your grandmother’s sitting room.”

From printed sofas to intricate wallpaper, this maximalist approach to the home is taking off. “People are craving a sense of coziness and character with their homes–ones that feel layered, thoughtful, and more timeless–rather than simply chasing trends,” Goerzen explained.

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