January 31, 2023


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4 Bathroom Decor Ideas To Help Your Bathroom Stand Out

4 Bathroom Decor Ideas To Help Your Bathroom Stand Out

Ready to give your bathroom a new look? How you decorate the walls, the style of lighting you choose, the size of the vanity, and the shower or tub set up all play a part in a well-designed bathroom remodel. Whether you’re looking for decorating ideas for a master bathroom or a small space, these four bathroom decor ideas will help bring new life to your bathroom.

1. Walls

In small bathrooms what you decide to put on the wall can make or break the space. If it’s painted a bright or crazy color, cluttered with a towel rack above the toilet, or has giant wall tile from floor to ceiling, your small space will feel half the size. Choose a neutral paint color that will open up the space and make it feel brighter or bigger. If you’re looking for a bold pattern or something to make the space stand out, add small tile in intricate patterns or a lively wallpaper as an accent wall behind the sink to make a statement without crowding the space. If you want a special touch, tile the backsplash behind the sink with a contrasting color to the rest of the wall.

If you’re looking for decorating ideas on a larger scale, like for a master bath, consider using a bold color that matches the design on your tile floor. Dark colors are trending right now. And if you have plenty of space, lean a ladder against the wall near the shower or sink as a stylish way to display your towels instead of a wall-mounted towel rack. You can add artwork or floating shelving above the toilet for a nice finishing touch.

2. Lights

To maximize the light in a small space without adding yet one more element to the bathroom design, use recessed lights to provide plenty of bright light. Generally, 20- to 25-watt light bulbs will offer sufficient lighting for most bathrooms without being too bright or too dim. Edison light bulbs can give your bathroom a vintage, rustic vibe hanging above the sink, or pair with sculpted glass sconces for a decorative vanity light. If you have a curtain on the window for privacy, consider switching to frosted glass to allow more natural light in to brighten things up.

Working in an open master bath allows for more of a distinctive-statement vanity light above the sink. You can improve the light fixture from standard-issue wall sconces to a unique and modern twist on pendant lighting. If you haven’t heard of a planter light, it’s a pendant light with a hanging portion below the light bulb for air plants or succulents, which can be a super unique light option. Make a statement by hanging a trio of them where there is a bit of natural light for the perfect nature-spa feel.

3. Vanity

Storage space can be an issue in a small space. Instead of squeezing a bulky vanity with a countertop sink into a small space, install a pedestal sink to create a sense of openness. You can store the extra towels in the hall closet and the toiletries behind a large mirror — which is another great way to make a small bathroom feel big. If you really want to get funky and fun, consider upcycling an antique dresser with a vessel sink on top. Ever seen an old sewing machine table converted into a vanity? It can really make the sink and vanity stand out.

Installing a new mirror or vanity can change the entire bathroom space without requiring a major bathroom remodel. Consider adding an opulent double sink bathroom vanity with a reclaimed wood countertop and open storage underneath filled with matching baskets to keep all your goods organized. Add the finishing touch with a large mirror over the sink and you’ve accomplished master bath remodeling gold.

4. Shower and tub

A frequent, big question is whether you should have a tub or shower. When working in a small space, a shower is typically ideal. A shower will leave you more room for other fixtures as well. But if you aren’t doing a heavy bathroom remodel, you can still make your bath feel bigger. Replace the shower curtain with sliding glass doors. It will make it feel like that area is mostly open space, and if there are windows it will allow ambient natural light to brighten the bathroom.

If you’re remodeling a master bathroom, plan for a luxurious walk-in shower with a separate whirlpool bath and a water closet for the toilet. If you aren’t doing a full bathroom remodel, enhance the bathroom design by removing the shower curtain and opting for a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. It’s just enough to keep the water in the shower while giving the master bathroom an upscale look. You could include a claw tub; paint the outside of the tub the same color as the wall for a wow effect.

For any size bathroom, swap the curtain for glass on the shower or tub, opt for a unique sink, and keep fixtures as unobtrusive as possible unless it’s a statement piece. Set things apart from the norm by using bronze, gold, or black sconces with matching shower or tub fixtures.

A good bathroom design works with the space available. Regardless of size, there are decorating ideas to fit every style, from rustic to glamourous. There is no shortage of small- bathroom ideas or large master bathroom design ideas to get your creative juices flowing and that can fit within your budget.