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25 Best Farmhouse Decor – DIY Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

25 Best Farmhouse Decor – DIY Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

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Annie Schlechter

Good news: You don’t have to live out in the country to make your farmhouse dreams a reality. Instead, you just need a few cans of white paint, enough shiplap to cover your walls, and all the reclaimed wood accents you can find. Take a look at this farmhouse decor to get all the inspiration you need to turn your space into something that Chip and Joanna Gaines would approve of. These ideas cover every room in your house — bathroom, entryway, and kitchen included — so you can decide if you want to do a complete makeover or just take it one small space at a time.

Luckily, most of these farmhouse decor ideas walk a fine line between modern and rustic, so you don’t have to part with your favorite antiques or latest store-bought finds to accomplish these Pinterest-worthy looks. It’s just up to you how (or if) you use ’em.

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Whitewashed Entryway

Give your guests a hint at what’s to come by putting together a warm and inviting entryway full of farmhouse-inspired accents, including shiplap, whitewashed furniture, and galvanized planters.

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Statement Beams

Large wooden beams make an all-white room cozy enough for late night hangs. Tie in baskets and mantel decorations in a similar wood type and finish.

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Wall of Mirrors

Shop Grandma’s attic for old mirrors, silver platters, and lightweight serving trays. Then assemble them on a blank wall to create an illusion that your small space is bigger and brighter than it actually is.

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Suspended Wooden Mirrors

A room full of windows makes decorating difficult. While it’ll give guests a nature-filled view, it leaves little room to hang mirrors, shelves, or artwork — unless you hang them from the ceiling with an iron pulley and sturdy rope.

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Sliding Barn Door

Open shelves only look pretty if they’re not full of everyday clutter. Since some pieces are best left unseen, add a sliding barn door, so you can cover up the mess.

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Shades of White

Leave shiplap to Chip and Joanna Gaines: Lighten up your kitchen with white paint, tile, and a whitewashed wooden island. If you have open shelves, fill ’em with your prettiest fine China and most-used serveware for instant decoration.

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Wooden Wall Paneling

Nail reclaimed wood panels on one wall for an easy statement. Warm up the space by dressing the bed with light colors, patterned pillows, and cozy throws.

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Wall of Lanterns

A blank canvas is the perfect opportunity to test your DIY skills. If you have an empty wall, nail battery-operated lanterns in evenly spaced rows to illuminate any room.

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Floor-to-Ceiling Shiplap

Create clean lines by nailing shiplap to the walls and ceiling. Hang a black metal chandelier for a nice contrast.

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Half-painted Antique Finds

Add an unexpected pop of color by painting half — yes, just half! — of paintings, chairs, shelves, or table legs a vibrant color. Consider it the easiest way to upgrade attic finds that have seen better days.

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Reclaimed Wood Accents

Turn old barn doors, floor boards, and wood scraps into floating shelves. And if you come across larger wood pieces, use them to make custom benches, tables, and chairs.

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Minimalistic Office Space

Bring in different textures and materials to balance out your home’s country charm. Pair an understated metal desk with an antique wooden chair for a country-chic look.

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Frosted Pantry Doors

What happens in the pantry, stays in the pantry, especially when you close it off with these frosted French doors. Personalize it with stick-on decals.

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Linen and Wicker Blend

If your space is on the smaller side, open it up with light-colored fabrics, curtains, and furniture. Offset the linen with a wicker basket-turned-coffee table and a basket weave jute rug.

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Varying Wood Colors

Pine and walnut work together to add bold contrast to a seemingly understated space. Go for a darker wood floor and lighter wood vanity to achieve this look.

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Pops of Color

Mix and match pillows, throws, and rugs in complementary patterns and colors. But if you really want to make a statement, hang a brass chandelier in the middle of a shiplap-covered ceiling.

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Muted Florals

Even a farmhouse can have a glimmer of elegance. Just pair the crown molding with peel-and-stick floral wallpaper in a monochromatic hue.

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Kid-friendly Breakfast Nook

Since your family is the heart of the home, give everyone a place at the table by turning a blank wall into a breakfast nook, complete with a chalkboard for schedules, grocery lists, love notes, and doodles.

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Shiplap Ceiling

A gold pendant light is a subtle way to add sparkle to an otherwise rustic space, like this shiplap-covered bedroom.

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Open Shelving

A wall of open shelves comes with endless possibilities, including the ability to fill it with colorful glassware, draping greenery, and your extensive cookbook collection.

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Antique Bathroom Hutch

Since you spend so much time soaking in the tub, make the rest of your bathroom feel just as warm and inviting by covering the tile floor with a rug (skip a bathmat this time) and turning a wooden hutch into a display-worthy linen closet.

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Warm Dining Room Accents

Bring the cozy vibe of your family room into your dining space by adding flannel pillows, candle-lit lanterns, and family heirlooms.

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Well-dressed Nightstand

To contrast the light and airy feel of the bedroom, decorate an antique wooden nightstand with a stack of turn-of-the-century books, old-school alarm clock, and task lamp.

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Mismatched Table and Chairs

Balance the weight of a reclaimed wood table by flanking it with painted metal chairs. Go one of two ways: Opt for a lighter paint color to lighten up the space, or bright paint for a statement-making look.

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