Art Leon Furniture is a fundamental part of our home. Buying furniture can be difficult, especially if trying to stick to a budget. However, buying quality furniture that fits our style and needs can greatly affect how we feel at home. If you are thinking about buying furniture, you must […]

2022 has been a year of incredible makeovers here at Today’s Homeowner. Here are our favorite before-and-after transformations from the past year. 5. Front Porch Makeover Mike and Leigh Ann have a beautiful piece of property that they share with their horses. But they felt like the front of their […]

Are you looking for the best bathroom flooring options in 2022? The washroom is one of the most important places that you should never take for granted. When it comes to flooring choices, the first thing that comes to our minds is appearance. It should be eye-catchy so that no […]

Clean a garage floor and you will be a massive change in the beauty of your home. Unfortunately, it is mostly ignored by most homeowners for a long time. This will make the motor oil stains and paint spills tougher on the concrete surface. These unwanted messes are hard to […]

Ceramic tile floors are well-known and trendy flooring options. They are long-lasting but need proper cleaning and maintenance like all flooring options. Are you wondering how to clean ceramic tile? Sand and dust particles are the biggest downfall of tile floors. It can scratch the surface if you do not […]

Every homeowner can keep their home in perfect shape with our home maintenance guide. It is almost impossible to remember every chore and perform it at the right time. However, instead of memorizing every task for all seasons, scheduling all the home improvement responsibilities in a document is better. Again, […]

A Legacy Of Excellence for Storm Damage Repairs in MN & Western WI Lindus Construction has worked with homeowners in western Wisconsin and Minnesota since 1979. Our employees have a deep dedication to craftsmanship and customer service. Our headquarters is in Baldwin, WI which is the hometown of our founders, […]

Maintain excellent heating and cooling energy efficiency during fall by keeping your windows in good shape. Proper window maintenance during this season guarantees that your windows will protect your home and keep it comfortable throughout the colder months. Sashes, Frames and Windows Use a non-abrasive cloth or brush to clean […]